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Ait’ Kara-Taj [ The Nomad ]

From a Vogue Australia Editorial
Name Ait’ Kara-Taj
Age Prime
Appearance Ait’ Kara-Taj is tall and very easy to pick out from a crowd. She has shoulder length curling brown hair usually worn braided away from her face, bright gray-green eyes and skin that has been warmly tanned from the sun. She is almost always dressed in very functional and durable clothing. Whether it is traditional leather or the highest grade of synthetics, there is something very well worn about her clothing. Ait’ Kara-Taj wears a necklace of brightly pressed copper coins around her neck, she finds it fascinating that so many cultures and civilizations across the Nexus have a copper coin variant of sorts, and so when she comes across a new one, she adds it to her collection.
Personality Ait’Kara-Taj is proud of her family line, is a great nomad but most of a very, very successfull businesswoman. She has a keen eye for talent and for using that talent, and has amassed a very impressive collection of businesses across the Nexus. Nothing too uncouth and vulgar (the Matriarches would not approve), but small and silent, seeding investments and startups across the Nexus so that the family would have a helping hand wherever they are. She is bright, sly, and swift, loving nothing more than to figure out what talents lie out there.
Ability Kara is a very strong, very fast, very capable ‘mortal’ whose lifespan just happens to be very, very long. The Ait Taj tribesmen can be killed, and they do die of old age. It just takes some time. They have a passive ability of being able to communicate and speak multiple languages (more of a quirk that allows them to translate languages, rather than becoming fluent speaking it themselves).
In certain light, there are times when her hair seems to be have flecks of molten gold. A genetic quirk, she explains, that runs through all the tribesmen.
Standing at Nidus Caeligenus

The Taj tribe are nomadic, not quite immortal travellers who are dispersed through the Nexus as well as other pocket dimensions. They are humanoid, hard to kill, and a little bit stronger, faster, and smarter than the average mortal. They are gifted in genetic manipulation, although skills can vary from individuals. Some possess minor healing, while others are capable of seeing and altering DNA at a genetic level. All Taj tribesmen are bound by a slightly obscure code of ethics where they do not meddle with the lives of individuals, but are eager to seek out new “opportunities” to add to their data banks. It is not about creation, but collection.

The Taj tribe also have an odd genetic quirk that is dominant in all tribesmen: in the right light, their hair appears molten gold.

All Taj tribesmen follow the same naming convention: Ait’ [True Name]-taj. Matriarchs who lead the tribe have true names and also namesakes, mostly after personality traits or features. Ait’ Pillar-taj’s namesake is Pillar, due to her role in society. (They are not the most creative when it comes to namesakes).

Spoiler: Yes, that very specific shade of molten gold.

Looking for new business opportunities at Nidus Caeligenus.

Birth Name: Toron Mei’Thwei
Blooded Name: Toronde Mei’Thwei
Bonded to: Ait’Kara-Taj (Naeodin)
Gender: Female
Species: Yautjadragon
Hatchling Height: 4’10”
Adult Height: 18’6”
Color: Mottled Cream
Personality: An entrepreneur may seem like an odd choice at first, but Toron is a touch less straightforward than many a yautjadragon and there’s one thing she understands already: connections can do more than make fortunes (which interest her not at all). Connections mean information, and information means a greater ability to find out where there may be things to be hunted, strong foes to combat, or wise old warriors to learn from. But money? Money is worthless. Theirs is a shallow bond that may voluntarily break if an older, wiser Toronde comes to feel Ait’Kara-Taj is too far astray from Toronde’s innate purpose, but for the time being, the young dragon’s choice is made.
Abilities: Acid Immunity, Balefire Immunity, Corruption Immunity, Healing Powers, Huntermind Communication, Purification Powers, Telepathy, Teleportation

Ait’Kara-Taj and Toron Mei’Thwei have a very gentle and delicate relationship.

It starts off a little bit shaky and precarious– Kara isn’t sure if the yautajadragon made the right decision, but as time passes and the pair grow to know each other, the nomadic tribeswoman finds herself oddly inspired and motivated by her new bond.

Her pursuit for new business opportunities takes a sharp focus into what could only be called fight clubs. Looking for the strongest species in each planet, figuring out their strengths and how they can be utilized to turn a profit. If Toron gets the change to battle and combat these new species, well, Ait’Kara-Taj considers it a win-win situation.

Her cousin, Ait’Mali-Taj delights in Toron’s arrival, and the udraku rider is often a very regular companion on their journeys. (Kara wonders sometimes if maybe Mali would have been a better match for her bond, but then Toron would say something sharp and insightful and Kara would realize that her cousin doesn’t quite have the … refined intelligence to keep her yautjadragon company).

Toronde’s Hunter-Trial is with an elemental, and Ait’Kara-Taj is so proud, so proud of her bond.

Time has given the bonded pair a chance to grow closer, Toronde’s interests influencing the Taj tribeswoman enough to turn her interests to finding and selecting high potential combat partners, to specialize her businesses in ‘resource optimization’.

Ait’Kara-Taj launches her largest venture, a security business that recruits and trains creatures across the Nexus to turn them into highly prized security detail. Toronde Mei’Thwei gets to test her mettle against new recruits, while Ait’Kara-Taj turns a pretty profit.