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Al’ Dahr

Male, Chaos Quotient of 95% Chaos calls sweetly and the temper to unleash it tends toward disaster.

Name Al’ Dahr
Age Prime
Appearance Al’ Dahr is a beautiful hydra with coal black hide and blood red markings on his forelegs and hindlegs, as if he has just stepped out of battle from a river of blood.
The crowned reigning head and the two subordinate heads are solid. The shadowy mass of their manes can shift and form up to fifteen other natural heads, which otherwise may only be glimpsed as eyes in the darkness…
Personality Al’ Dahr is an aggressive and ambitious hydra touched with just enough chaos to make him a little bit mad and a lot clever. He is a smart, handsome bastard with plans to dominate the Nexus.
Breath Weapons (Acid, Fire) The ability to breathe either a gout of fire or a spray of acid.
Destruction-Feeding, Rather than simply consuming meat, these hydras can destroy to feed. The most delicious and sustaining meals are the energies released when living things die, which they can absorb simply by being present. They can also consume any energies released when they enact their destructive powers.
Destruction Powers, These hydras are an incarnation of chaos and destruction. Destroying anything around them comes with natural ease, not from brute strength but from force of will.
Insubstantial Form, Although they appear solid, these hydras can will themselves into an insubstantial shape. Like a thick cloud of smoke or fog, they can barely be touched.
Natural Spellcaster, After reaching their first decade in age, the hydra begins to develop magical ability. The older they get, the more powerful they can become.
Shapeshifting, The ability to shapeshift into any other form, without limitation. (This could indeed mean shifting even more heads than their base 18, but they would not count as natural.)
Telepathy, The ability to communicate mind-to-mind.
Teleportation, The ability to teleport anywhere within sight or that can be strongly visualized in the mind.
Verbal Speech, The ability to communicate in spoken words.
From Phe’s Shipping Square
  • The Nexus is awake, and there are shenanigans afoot. Al’Dahr doesn’t quite know what to make of this new chapter of the Nexus. There is a clever blue dragon who styles himself King, and suddenly a new wave of upstarts and players looking to claim a little bit of power and territory. This will not do. Al’Dahr needs to prove to the Nexus that HE is a power, and that HE will be feared.
  • He has heard of a young Kirintor queen and her bond (insert grimace here. Why would you tie yourself down to a bond, and a human, no less?), and he planning to woo her. She is the heiress of Arx Atra Mons, and Al’Dahr has plans.
  • He will be King of the Hydras.