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Amina [ The Cure ]

Alicia K
Name Amina
Age Prime
Appearance Amina is stunning, tall and slender with dusky skin and long pale blonde hair that floats around her like a halo. She has dark, soulful gray eyes that seem to understand to know what you are going through, and she gives off a very strong maternal vibe. Come, take a seat, tell Amina everything and she will make it better.
She hums with power; a soft downy feeling that rolls off her and helps take the edge off of pain and heightened emotion.
Personality Amina is sweet, gentle, she has the personality and behavior of a mother who has taken care of many broods of children, a no nonsense and gentle manner about her.
Amina is as eery as the other monsters, with a slightly out of focus quality, as if she is moving a step to the side of the rest of the world.
Ability Amina can finetune your dreams and help you relive memories, or create new ones. Her talents lie in relationships with people. Have you lost your father figure to the Death Court? She can help you dream of them, both reliving the great and creating new ones.
Standing at the Empyrean Stair Court Clutch

Empyrean Stair Candidate Story

From the hatching:

“Oop!”  A small-ish purple of the Light Court practically tripped over his own feet, almost crashing into Anima.  Still, one has to wonder if this was truly an accident, or intended to place him precisely where he wanted to be – as he looked up, perfectly pleased with himself.  “I am Daiseyth, you may pet me now.”

Name: Daizeyth
Court: Light
Gender: Male
Coloration: Purple

Mother: Light Court Purple Olerath
Father: Dark Court Brown Renaeth

Abilities: Telepathy, Teleportation, Verbal Speech, Fire Breath, Fire Balls
Personality: Playful, Outspoken