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Anna [ The Girl ]

Erin Wyatt
Name Anna
Age Early 20s. Maybe.
Appearance Anna is small and pale, with fine bones and fine features, soft fine hair that wisps around her face. There is something not quite altogether there, with Anna. As if she has been transplanted into a Project that isn’t quite finished. Shy claims he hasn’t touched her, that this is entirely of her doing. But she doesn’t seem to remember if this is what she is supposed to look like.
Personality Anna is agitated, emotional, and passionate. She has so much curiosity about this new world and this new life, and a very strong stance in what is proper and right and good, and what needs to be punished. Often at odds with Shy, but surprisingly enjoying his company, Anna is… a strange little beastie.
Ability Anna has an odd passive ability that she cannot quite control, but allows her to create people. Monsters. Those that she needs at the exact right moment. Shy is keeping a close eye on her to figure out how she does it, and also to ensure none of her monsters end up in the Nexus without a proper guide.
Standing at Clan Vecira