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Bekira Khan [ Devalis’Salvir ]

Monica Belucci
Name Bekira Khan
Age Mid 30’s
Appearance Bekira Khan is beautiful. Pale skin, raven hair, dark eyes that glint with humor and amusement. She looks ageless, in her prime and dangerous.
Personality Bekira was a cunning young girl and has crafted her smarts and sneaks into a masterful art form. Sly, sadistic, with a love of power without the needless toil of taking care of subjects, she has grown into her beauty and her ambitions as a woman and a hydra rider.
Ability Bekira Khan is “human”.
Bonded at the Ring of Fire

Name: Devalis’Salvir
Rank: Matriarch
Color: Black-purple, blue wings
Size: 67 feet long, 50 feet all
Big, dark, but not necessarily all bad. This Matriarch Kirintor is the queen of her roost, and she will hold onto that position by any means. However she prefers mindgames over anything and excels at them. She is dominating yes, but she is also lovable in a way. Likely she will want to make a small ‘tribe’ of her own along with Bekira, beginning with the Dark Riders and their bonds.

Bekira Khan is the daughter of Venita, rider of Duvessa’kha and Bekirol, rider of Mchawith’khan.

She is a re-paged pre-Nexus Reboot rider.

During the past 20+ so years, Bekira Khan has been travelling the Nexus, amusing herself as she visits different worlds, but now that the Nexus is back, she is properly looking to amass her own power. It would not do to have her older brother steal her spotlight.

Bekira Kahn and Devalis’Salvir are off at Nidus Caelingenus.