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Beta [ The First ]

“I was going to name him Glitch.”

Shy answered conversationally.

“But I was advised that it would be… quite cruel.”

“He isn’t dangerous. Beta just causes certain system outages when he gets a bit… excited.”

Ilya R
Name Beta
Age Young prototype. Should not have been launched
Appearance Short statured and pale skinned with curly dark brown hair that seems to stand at all ends and refuses to lay tame on his head, Beta looks like a small and excited child. He has a constantly apologetic look on his face, as if he doesn’t know why things are going wrong, and he is very sorry for it.
Beta is bright eyed and optimistic, trailing others around and trying to keep quiet and unobtrusive; if it wasn’t for the static that he caused and the glitches that heralded his arrival.
Personality Beta is polite, curious, the type to always ask questions and immediately apologize for things that aren’t really his fault. He is good natured and able to take the jibing and teases well; not much sticks to his skin, and he is quick to forgive and forget.
Ability Beta is… a prototype. Ari isn’t sure why Shy launched him so soon, because he is definitely still in the early stages (Ari is not even sure if it was Shy’s idea. Sometimes the Lab seems to have its own plans). He is technology oriented, but at the moment in his prototype stages all he seems to have the talent to do is short connections and cause system shutdowns. It isn’t deliberate, and he can’t seem to communicate with technology; Beta just has a very unique talent of causing things to glitch.
Standing at Dawn Watch Weyr

“SHY!” An aggravated scream ran through the Labs and the Scientist paused, turning slowly. Ari stalked towards him, her heels punching the ground in annoyed beats as she waved a data pad in the air. “It’s happened again!” another aggravated scream.

The Scientist stared at his aide who ordinarily seemed so calm and composed, watched as a curl of hair escaped from the neat bun she normally wore it in.

“Ari, my dear.” he stared carefully, approaching the way he might an angry and vicious dragon.

(Shy had dealt with angry and vicious Ancients, and they had not concerned him as much as his aide.)

“Shy my dear.” she ground out, her gray eyes darkening into oily slicks. “That boy of yours knocked out of system. We are running on backup generators and Naya tells me our pigeon network is malfunctioning.” she let out a noise that could only be considered a snarl. “He needs to be fixed!”

Around them, the Lab let out a mournful noise that sounded close to a whale’s song. Shy frowned, watching as the lights darkened to a deep blue.

“I think you’ve upset the Labs.” he answered mildly.

The lights brightened, flaring to their usual white.

Ari scowled, muttering something under her breath. “I don’t have time for this.” she stared at her datapad as it shifted from a blue screen to a black one, and back to blue. “We have our Sudland residences that require contracting, your Carramba antics have caught the attention of the Council, Vecira’s clutch is set to hatch any day now and-” she scowled, closing her eyes and rubbing at the bridge of her nose. “And your new boy is knocking out or systems with every time he laughs.”

Shy gently plucked the data pad out of his aide’s hands. “I’ll take him somewhere else, for a while. I’m sure there are others who can fine tune him a little bit.”

The Labs let out a curious toot of a noise.

“Nowhere dangerous.” Shy assured the Labs. (And how fascinating, that he had grown comfortable communicating with a sentient island). “Dawn Watch would be more than happy to watch him.”

Sylden’s expression was one of polite dismay as she stared at the Scientist and his Guest.

“I don’t think the Weyr Leadership Council will appreciate that you seem to treat our Weyr like a…” her nose wrinkled.

“Safe haven?” Shy supplied.

“Dumping ground.” Sylden finished.

Shy laughed, a gentle and amused sound that had his guest perk up. Small and pale with hair that seemed to stand at all ends, he pulled at the ties of his hoodie and cast furtive glances towards the windows.

“You have a talented technopath in residence, maybe he will be able to work with Beta to get his gifts under control.”

“Beta? That is quite an… obvious name.”

At his name the boy looked up, and his eyes flashed molten gold; immediately small systems in the room started to beep.

“I was going to name him Glitch.” Shy answered conversationally. “But I was advised that it would be… quite cruel.” there was puzzlement in his tone, as if he didn’t understand the link. “He isn’t dangerous. Beta just causes certain system outages when he gets a bit… excited.”

Beta nodded his head. Entirely at ease. “I’m sorry.” he offered.

Sylden watched him, his playful smile as he waved a hand, and then went back to pulling at the ties of his hoodie. “If you don’t mind me saying… he seems…”

Shy turned, feline green eyes amused.

“Unpolished, compared to the other Projects.”

The Scientist grimaced. “It was too soon, there are still tests that needed to be run. But I had to vacate the Labs. The Island is getting restless, and it needs to…” he paused. “Travel, a little bit.”

“The Labs?”

Shy nodded. “It seems to have gained sentiency, and wants to travel. Explore the world.” Shy sounded proud, like a parent with a teenager looking to spread their wings. “I’ve needed to lighten the load, and Beta is… complete enough.”

Beta nodded. “I won’t be trouble.” his words were followed by a bright spark as something flared and shorted out. “Much, trouble. I’m sorry.”

Shy smiled. “Well then, my dear. What do you say?”

The geneticist sighed. “Luke might be able to help him.” she agreed. “I will let the Weyrleadership Council know, but if they have concerns.”

“My dear, I would never want to make it comfortable for you.” the Scientist crooned. “If he is too much trouble, I am sure I will be able to find him space at Carramba.”

“The Cyber Court project?”

Shy nodded, pleased. “You must come with me, and see some of the work we have done. It is… quite a fascinating team project, one I am sure you will see the merits of.” his eyes gleamed.

Sylden nodded. “Very well, Beta can stay, for now. We will say he is a candidate for the new clutch on the sands.” she let out a slight laugh. “I am sure some of the other Vella Crean residents might be able to keep him out of trouble.”

The Job Worth Doing is Worth Doing Well White
White Ailith x Blue-White Itawith
Bonded to: Beta {Naeodin}
#EDEAD7 | #D9D5C0
Kind | Generous | Supportive | Disciplined

From the Hatching…

With all this going on, many had forgotten about Ailith’s little white daughter, who was still looking for her rider. This whole time she had been quietly going through the candidates, looking for the one which was right for her. She didn’t have a clear image of her right person, not like some of the other hatchlings did, but she knew she hadn’t found them yet.

Where are you? She cried, half in frustration and half in alarm, as she reached the end of the row of candidates she had been going down. Then she spotted one last candidate, a youngster standing a little apart from the rest. And it didn’t matter that Beta’s candidacy was a matter of polite fiction, that no-one had actually expected him to impress. Because he was there, on the sands, and in that moment that she looked at him, Erimolth knew what her right person looked like.

Beta! She called to him as she went charging forward, coming to a skidding stop in front of him. No more worrying Beta! Erimolth is here now and everything is going to be great.

“Whoo! Go Beta!” One on of the dragon ledges, Odraspath had to hook a paw around his rider to keep Luke from falling off as the man celebrated his protégé’s impression.