Bracken Balechild

From Phe’s Shipping Squares
Name Bracken Balechild
Age Young
Personality Bracken is still trying to figure out who he is. Is he someone who ambitiously wants to become a power, to rule a corner of the Nexus in death and destruction, or is he someone who wants to play, to cause chaos and mayhem and attach themselves to someone else who can do the heavy lifting? He is young, attracted to the shinies and the unknown and he doesn’t quite know what he is yet. But Bracken is very sure that he will figure himself out, and when he does it is going to be simply glorious.
Balefire Breath, The ability to spit a gout of bright green corruptive balefire.
Corruption Powers, Mastery over the corruption of anything around them, organic, inorganic, and magical alike.
Immortality, The cessation of physical aging upon reaching maturity and possession of eternal life thereafter. Can still be killed by lethal injuries.
Realm-Travelling, Above and beyond simple teleportation, the ability to realm-travel and cross into dimensions separated from the Nexus by more than mere space and time.
Shapeshifting (Human-Dragon Spectrum), The ability to shapeshift anywhere on a spectrum between their natural shape and a human form that tends to retain the coloration of their natural draconic form.
Sizeshifting, The ability to change one’s physical size.
Toxic Moss, Their bodies are capable of growing mosslike foliage that contains their natural corruptive essences. The rashes that result from touching this moss could expand into corrupted mutations.
Telepathy, The ability to communicate mind-to-mind.
Teleportation, The ability to teleport anywhere within sight or that can be strongly visualized in the mind.
Verbal Speech, The ability to communicate in spoken words
On his best behavior at Planet Zar.