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Candidate Exchange Program
Name Dimitria
Species Project
Gender Female, Old
Appearance Dimitria is a statuesque woman with shiny coppery hair, dark skin and a preference for “Old Hollywood Glamour” clothing. When she enters a room it is hard not to notice her, and she is almost always the life of the party, giving off very levels of charismatic “main character” vibes.
Her eyes are ordinarily a dark brown when they do not go molten gold, although she seems to prefer having them gleam gold. Dimitria is not shy, it shows in her choice of clothing, her body language, and the wya she can poke and prod at you with her words.
Personality Dimitria is a confident and slightly aggressive Project. She has a very strong sense of independence and loves nothing more than asserting her dominance in a room with a new group of people. She likes the excitement of new adventures, and is currently off travelling the Nexus, looking for a new adventure.
Notes Dimitria is a project who is a very strong telepath, able to pick up thoughts and gossip from every corner of the Nexus. She likes to be “in the know”, and is travelling trying to pick up new and useful information.
Name Liu Wen
Species Human?
Gender Male
Appearance Liu Wen is tall and slender with pale skin, very short dark hair that is worn very neatly combed away from his face. His clothing is formal and a little bit traditional, and he almost always carries a weapon of some kind by his side. More recently he has prepared rapiers, although during the prime of the Death Court wars he was seen to favour a giant battle axe.
Liu Wen is quiet, sedate he doesn’t speak until he is spoken to, and he loves nothing more than to mind his own business. He is almost always wearing a formal coat or cloak of some sort with a intricate crest of the Dark Court. 
Personality Liu Wen is quiet. He is serious. He does not joke around and it is rare for him to really speak more than ten words a way. He doesn’t really see the point in it, unless he is very excited about the subject. He is also very loyal to the Dark Court, but considers it his mission to travel the Nexus to pick up knowledge. They had been grossly outmatched and outnumbered during the Death Court wars, and so Liu Wen is busy trying to soak in battle strategies and knowledge related to the art of the war. 
Notes Liu Wen’s parents are both Dark Court riders, who are also both alive. He will probably like to visit home every so often just to make sure that they are doing okay. We think he’s human.
Name Isfan
Species Human
Gender Female
Appearance Isfan is small, a little short and a little skinny, with pale skin, pale brown eyes and straight dark brown hair that she has a tendency of wearing loose around her shoulders. She has a pleasant disposition, is readily agreeable and almost always can be found with snacks in her pockets for children and little misbehaving fledgling dragons. 
More home among the dragons than with other humans, she can often be found wherever it is that dragons congregate, especially little ones who are unbonded and independent. 
Personality Isfan is quiet, not shy, she just doesn’t like to speak unless she has something worthwhile to say. She is smart and patient, and would be a good leader or carer of young ones, always able to connect with the littlest dragons. One day, she wants to be a Weyrling master of some sort, but she doesn’t have her own dragon yet, and isn’t quite sure if there is a dragon that is right for her at the Vella Crean. 
She likes to spend time with dragons, both bonded with riders and not, and seems to prefer their companionship over other humans. 
Notes Isfan’s mother is a Light Court dragon rider, and she doesn’t quite know what to do with her daughter. She thinks this secondment would be a good opportunity for Isfan to travel the world, make friends, maybe see if there is something out in the Nexus that she wants to do and be part of.
Name Jairen
Species Mixed Human
Gender Male
Appearance Jairen is a pretty man. Shortly cropped hair, gray green eyes and pale skin that is surprisingly thick (both literally and figuratively), he is usually dressed in simple layered clothing that are sneakily high quality, when he is not dressed in stark white clothing meant for the kitchens. 
Personality Jairen is sweet, playful, and flirtatious. He makes people feel at ease when they are around him, and he loves nothing more than to make people happy with his food. When he is not working in the kitchens at the council, he can often be found travelling he world looking for inspiratin and new ingredients. Jairen gets along very well with the Projects. Particularly Whistle, the horticulturalist who helps him grow rare ingredients not native to the Vella Crean. 
Notes Jairen is a master chef who cooks for the Empress. Right now he is travelling the world, and he doesn’t really have any plans to return for at least some time. He is considered human, but his family tree has enough unusual and exciting additions that no one is quite sure what he is.