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Celeste [ The Heir ]

“It was easier, to hide that I was different.”

“I do not think the Red Mage’s home is a stranger to magic.”

“It was easier for me.” Celeste amended. “To hide that I was different. That I was one of the many children who called the Warren home.

If I had wings growing up, they would have me in classes with other winged beings. If my eyes were red, they would know I was not native. It was easier, to pretend.”

Annie B
Name Celeste
Age Mid 20’s
Appearance Celeste is stunning in the way predators could also be considered stunning. There is something about her that screams claws and fangs, danger. With pale, creamy skin and dark hair that glimmers with metallic red accents, she has the kind of beauty that could be considered entirely human. Sure, there is nothing ‘other’ about her.
Celeste dresses in practical, fitted clothing; maybe an essential layer or two is missing and maybe they bare more skin than they should, but Celeste is comfortable in her own skin, and she is more often than not complaining about the heat and humidity of Tris’ Hath that she will “never get used to”.
Personality Celeste is proud, arrogant. She enjoys using what talents she has to get what she wants, and has no qualms about breaking bones in the process. She is careful at straddling the line between a diplomat’s daughter and a spoilt princess; although there are probably many at the Warren who would consider her the latter.
Celeste is very proud of her background. Of her parents and the unique lineage she represents, about the Death Court, about the Vella Crean. She is nationalistic, and has always been patiently waiting for the time when she can return to the Vella Crean as the beloved daughter; she has just been losing patience at how long it is taking.
Ability Celeste likes to play at being human. There is nothing different about her, promise! She is a little bit faster, a little bit stronger, but Celeste is careful at keeping it within the realms of human standards.
Standing at Clan Vecira

Celeste’s Candidate Story

Cameo Appearances

Navir the Steward serves under Celeste