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Court Clutch Pickup

Note: For the Vella Crean representative going home with you, please feel free to keep all, or none of the details provided. In fact, if it inspires you to create a different character, I’m all for it, the only requirement being that they originate from the Vella Crean.

Court dragons are born crestless and hornless, and grow into their features during their fledgling years.

Court dragons traditionally follow Pernese dragon sizes (gold being the largest blue/green being the smallest) but I do not have the strongest grasp of dragon sizes, so please use your discretion. (Unless explicitly stated below)

Lastly, these are from a mixed batch: the courts, while they “present” as Light, Dark, or Blood may have other court genetics in their blood. This just means should you want to breed them, you could canon have other court types (of Light, Dark and Blood only) hatch as well.



















Akihiko Kurenanshekusai – Dark Court Red (male) Khirath 

Khirath is patient, with the good kind of sneaks to excel at politics. He is a very good listener, often choosing to remain quiet to pick up intel and gossip from others. He is especially good at prying secrets from other dragons. Oh, you don’t say? Tell me more! 

Michiko Kurenanshekusai – Blood Court Bronze (male) Hasrith 

Confident and protective over his clutchmates, Hasrith is an assertive and ambitious bronze. He considers himself the “leader” of the group, but is easily swayed by the Khirath and Pravitath. 

Emissary: Light Court Diplomat Arasi with Light Court Blue (female) Pravitath 

 Soft spoken and quiet. A “blend into the group” type of blue who does not try to draw attention to herself, but is a playful troublemaker. The one who gets “her boys” into trouble, and is often looking for a good adventure. 


Jaeti – Dark Court Brown Jivishath 

 Quiet and contemplative, ever patient. Often teased by others for the way he seems to take care of his brothers. Always the first to arrive and always waiting for Andhayath to follow. 

Teija – Light Court Brown Andhayath 

 If the Light Court had a mascot, it would be Andhayath. Bright, enthusiastic, bubbly, this light court is so curious about the world, and wants to know more, do more. It is a good thing he has his brothers to keep him on track! 

Light Court Healer Nadio – Blood Court Brown Sahalth

 Very close to Jivishath and Andhayath, he is a hard working blood court, with a natural affinity for light elemental magic. 


Finn Heiler – Light Court Blue Tanhaith 

Tanhaith is a gentle, meticulous blue, curious about different worlds, about power and magic, and figuring out the best way to help support his rider. 

Lost Child Arietta – Dark Court Bronze Viranth 

This dark court is sneaky smart, and looking to consolidate a power base. His rider lost her parents to Death Court dragons, and while he approves that she has managed to survive this long (to find him), he’s here to make sure that she becomes a power. So who is this God of Change, and what do they need to do to prove themselves? 

Amaryllis Knotts – Blood Court Red Shariath

Shariath is a very good momma dragon. She will always be the older sister, the mother, the aunt, taking care of others. But above them all, her rider comes first. (So where is this sibling of hers that teased her so, and what were they going to do about it?) 


Voivode – Dark Court Blue Vatsalyath 

This slick and sneaky dark court blue as a way of speaking that is just so polite and diplomatic, it is easy to wonder if he is meant to be the political emissary. Vatsalyath is a smart and canny blue, full of strategic intellect. 

Moira The Amplifier – Light Court Red Indriyath 

Indriyath is sweet and sassy, usually the first to speak her mind, and she has many, many opinions to share. She enjoys nothing more than helping her clutch mates, especially her “little” sister Virath. 

Moshe – Blood Court Bronze (Female) Virath 

Virath is a calm and mild mannered female bronze. She understands blood magic very well, and is working to prove to Moshe that it really is something quite wonderful. She however, will not let Moshe blood herself, and is often offering her blood markings (sometimes in inappropriate settings) for a power boost. 


Ghita – Dark Court Gold Rabtath 

Get too close to her rider and she will bite. She has tried to bite Shy multiple times, and the only reason he puts up with her is because sometimes, in the right light she shines that perfect shade of molten gold. A little bit territorial and a whole lot impatient, Rabtath doesn’t understand what the fuss is about. She is a gold dragon. It’s just a color. 

Brigg – Blood Court Purple Shamanath 

Shamanath is a sweet, quiet, a little bit too calm a blood court. He has magic, he has interesting blood magic, but would it be ethical to use it? He is bursting with ideas and philosophical discussions, and loves nothing more than to stay up in the wee hours to debate with his bond. 

Tegrid – Light Court Green (male) Nilath 

Nilath is a sweet affectionate male green light court who enjoys nothing more than being the third of this very happy triumvirate. He does try to push his rider to be a little bit more outspoken, and a little bit more aggressive, but as long as Tegrid is happy, Nilath is happy. 


Lorena – Light Court Green Tahanath 

Tahanath is a very optimistic hatchling. The world is going to be a better place! And who better to “fix” it than herself and Lorena! She has Big Dreams, and is very vocal and enthusiastic. 

Zimath – Blood Court Blue Iqraath 

This little blood court is going to grow up to be a power. She considered herself a queen, and has already demonstrated fresh from the shell that she knows exactly how to weild her blood activated magic. 

Siochain The Dove – Dark Court Bronze Qiraath 

Qiraath is Not Amused. He is a little bit of a droll, dry humoured bronze, a solid and stoic counterpart to his bond who just does not know why the Fates have decided that this is his life. He enjoys making pointedly obvious comments and observations, and while he strongly believes in the freedom of choice, he stands by his bond. 


Aara Hedayati – Light Court Purple Saanjath 

A sweet and pretty little purple who seems to follow the generic consensus quite well. You need an extra wing? Saanjath is your girl. She prefers to keep the peace, and is more than willing to wait out temper tantrums, because eventually she knows she will get her own way. 

Dabir Diovo Kasprus – Dark Court Brown Hasranth 

Hasranth is a charismatic dragon, and while Dabir likes to say he has the strong qualities of a leader, Saanjath teases her brother, saying he is just a bossy grump. Maybe there is truth in that. Hasranth likes being in charge: he enjoys order a bit too much. 

Vargui Nominzol – Blood Court Green Driyamath 

Driyamath is patient. She is soft hearted, and what she loves to do more than anything else is to ensure that Vargui is protected. Her rider is much too kind, he would be taken advantage of, if not for her self! (She proclaims. Loudly. On a daily basis). 


Aptronym Chaotic Good – Blood  Court Red Ehsaath 

Ehsaath is the only true red, and she is a little bit protective over her “red” clutchmates. She is often the voice of reason when it comes to her bond, advising her that a “attack first, ask questions later”stance is really not the most realistic way of approaching a situation. 

Aptonym Lawful Good – Light Court “Red”(Purple) Ashath 

Ashath is playful and a little bit silly. She likes the attention she gets as part of Apoleoth’s party, but has no real political ambitions herself. She is happy being with her family, and really enjoys her bonds unique gifts that can make presents appear out of thin air. Push comes to shove, she will protect those that she holds dear, but she would prefer not to face any conflict, thank you. 

Euonym Neutral Good – Dark Court “Red” (Brown) Arushith

Arushith is sometimes a little bit conflicted. He has a venomous stinger that could physically help protect his bond and his new family, so why don’t they fight? If Ehsaath is the voice of reason, Arushith would be the voice of emotion, trying to egg on his party. 


Asha the Thief – Dark Court Green Aasharith 

Aasharith sometimes acts like a big old cat. She likes sunshine and naps, believes that the other court dragons were created to serve her needs, and likes to walk the way a feline would walk, occasionally bumping into you. She is as sneaky smart as her rider, and enjoys playing hide and seek with the her clutch mates. 

Jerival the Hunter – Blood Court Purple Zulfeith 

This blood court has a slightly blood thirsty nature. He likes all things sharp and pointy, and may be a bit too enthusiastic in the way he handles his responsibilities. Kill a Death Court or three? Sure, no problem! 

Vansir the Healer – Light Court Blue Khayalth 

Khayalth is a soft hearted pacifist who enjoys nothing more than working closely with his rider. He delights in the feeling of magic, and healing, and has quite the eye in spotting potential healers. Maybe it’s some modified form of search dragon’s abilities? 


Gryphon Vahh – Dark Court Brown Parakaramth 

Parakaramth knows exactly what he wants, when he wants it. He won’t ever settle for second best, and has very precise, exact preferences for everything. He likes to remind Gryphon of this  believe every so often. 

Raa’bina Vahh – Blood Court Queen Virayath 

Virayath is a strong power. She has the ability to wield blood activated magic from the shell, and will absolutely delight in causing chaos with her bond once she is a bit bigger. You might find her striding muzzle first into fights, because she knows she can make it even more fun. 

Dima the Lucent – Light Court Purple Arayath 

Arayath is sweet, pleasant, and likes the pretties. She is patient, willing to wait out long days while her bond is busy and distracted with their tasks. She does enjoy spending time with other dragons, and if she is not with her rider, can often be found socializing with others of her kind. Probably one of the few Court dragons who would more than happily fly off to the Death Court dens to “make friends”. 


Casamir Blood Court Bronze Eftinath 

Eftinath is a quiet and self assured bronze, of traditional, large bronze size with a budding power that is easily called to direct elemental magic. He is not ambitious particularly, but is strongly motivated in making sure that his rider is happy. 


Renn Meadows – Light Court Blue Firdauth 

Firdauth is a very quiet and private blue. He rarely speaks verbally, only in private to his rider, and prefers for all intents and purposes to seem like a “traditional” Bernese blue. He is quiet, meticulous, and is often by his riders side, preferring to do things together rather than solo. He has an odd affinity and ease around herd beasts and horses, and seems to exude a calming influence despite his much larger size. 


Athani – Dark Court Brown Preyasith 

Preyasith is a proud Dark Court dragon. She is proud of her lineage, and wants nothing more than to make the Vella Crean a happily ever kind of safe place. She likes to go on adventures with her rider, especially into the forests and the woods, and enjoys the odd little nibble of plant or tree that is supposed to have remarkable healing properties. 

Viselios – Light Court Purple Nilayath 

Nilayath is cheerful and a little bit cheeky. She loves surprising her rider, and is such an optimist when it comes to life that there is really very little that can make her sad. She wants to go on an adventure, and can’t wait until she is big enough to travel the Nexus. 

Icari – Blood Court Green Suramayath 

Suramayath is a quiet and gentle little green. When she was a fledgling, she liked to sneak inside the archive room and sit amongst the books. (Maybe its due to her numerous visits, but the Blood Court has begun to build archive rooms large enough for full grown dragons to wander through very carefully). She likes to be read to, and enjoys listening to her rider regale her with stories from the books. 


Bari – Light Court Red Cassaruth

The defacto leader of the trio, Cassaruth works to keep her siblings in line, and often has no qualms barking orders at other court dragons. (Watch out Clan Vecira!)  She is very family oriented, considering not just her clutch mates but the greater clan as “family”. Yes, unpopular opinion? She event loves the Death Court (they are “Court” dragons, after all). 

Dark Court Green Perenath 

Perenath is a little bit of a needy dragon. She does not like being alone, and is often trailing behind Cassaruth or Arusith, trying to prove that she is is just big, just as powerful as her clutch mates. Perenath is an unbounded dragon— she did not find her intended on the sands, and does not know if this will change. (OOC spoiler, entirely up to you in case you would like to send her out as a candidate!)

Blood Court Blue Arusith 

Arusith is a small and mighty blue dragon. He delights in his sisters’ antics, and while Cassaruth might be the leader, Arusith considers himself a great general. (Or babysitter. Whichever is more the truth). He is quite excited to meet his predecessors and hear their tales of adventure and mayhem. He’s particularly taken to the older generation of blood courts, and wants to learn quickly how to activate his blood court abilities. 


Daithine Sun – Light Court Queen Haliseth 

Haliseth will be a good queen. She is calm, patient, good at complimenting others and letting the smallest dragon shine. She is not politically savvy and won’t stoop to sneaky tricks, but it’s okay because she has Kyetath and Nainsooth who might take a more creative approach to their problems. She is one of those endlessly patient queens who, when angry, is a sight to behold. But, hopefully, that won’t happen for some time yet. 

Airik Pikson – Dark Court Brown Kvetath 

Kyetath is the oldest, and the most mature. Or so he says. He has the sneaks of a Dark Court dragon, and the smarts. He values family and loyalty, and will probably be the one dragon who is in constant communication with his clutch mates and his original court. He will use whatever he has at his disposal to make sure Haliseth is happy— she is “his queen”, after all. 

Yan Yu – Blood Court Green Nainsooth 

Nainsooth is a sly, slick little green who has a very fluid moral compass. She is a great protector, and likes to mother other dragons. Even older and larger ones. Her favourite activity is to run off for adventures with her rider, but only when she is sure that her “children” can take care of themselves. 


Leva – Light Court Bronze Jiadenth

Jiadenth hatched from his egg feeling as if he was late and behind schedule. He is a strong, confident bronze who just wants to get a little bit bigger, a little bit faster. Because there is too much he needs to achieve in this world.  He has the strength to lead a wing, and is a very quick learner. 

Wykard – Blood Court Blue Sishuith

Sishuith is a pragmatic blue who just wants the best for his rider. He is a realist, and always seeking to figure out the fastest and most efficient solution. Sishuith believes in honesty and transparency and doesn’t quite understand why the humanoids lead such complicated lives. What’s the point? 

Vakov – Dark Court Blue Ruosheth

Ruosheth is a quiet blue. He does not talk much, but as he grows, he is a constant shadow and presence with the Aigard. Ruosheth is dutiful, protective, and he will make sure that his rider’s charges will not come to any harm while he is here. 


Michel Nahish The Advocate – Dark Court Brown Lankeuth 

Lankeuth knows exactly what he wants in life. Adventure. Charting new territories. Making new and unexpected discoveries. He was surprised to find that the shell of his rider is so … well, old. But Lankeuth can feel the power and strength of his bond, and it burns. He can’t wait to discover the Nexus, and his unwaveringly loyal to his rider. 

Werner Kindler – Blood Court Purple Matagarth 

Matagarth is a bit of a puzzle. She is very calm, grounded, but can have a little bit of a temper when it comes to those she thinks might be giving her rider the cold shoulder. Definitely “tiger mom” vibes with this blood court female. Her gift will activate a little sooner than the others, and she will delight in using it to show off, just a little bit. 

Fabrice Durand – Light Court Green Hokumath 

Hokumath is a sweet green, she enjoys spending time with her rider, quietly by his side while he works. But her goal in life is to boost his confidence, to support his ability to share more of what she sees as his greatness. She’s quite a smart and polite little green, and while she won’t push him, Hokumath has her own ways of getting Fabrice to do what he needs to do to further himself.