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Desme Selamputo

Name Desme Selamputo
Age Prime
Appearance This stunning moss hydra has pale, almost ivory but with just that interesting touch of green fur and scarlet moss. She is fairly large, closer to 30′ at the shoulder and moves very slowly, a predator that knows that they do not need to chase after food. She has the quiet and languid grace of a very lazy housecat, and very prickly, spiky words.
Personality Desme is arrogant and vain, she knows she is beautiful and strong and special: how many moss hydras have you seen? She has a very strong sense of loyalty to the Selamputo name, as well as to Royiuion, hydra queen. Desme does not enjoy politics, prefering that someone else handles the diplomacy and has a fairly simple outlook on live: eat, or be eaten.
Breath Weapons (Acid, Fire) The ability to breathe either a gout of fire or a spray of acid.
Natural Spellcaster, After reaching their first decade in age, the hydra begins to develop magical ability. The older they get, the more powerful they can become.
Shapeshifting (Human-Dragon Spectrum), The ability to shapeshift anywhere on a spectrum between their natural shape and a human form that tends to retain the coloration of their natural draconic form.
Sizeshifting, The ability to change one’s physical size.
Telepathy, The ability to communicate mind-to-mind.
Verbal Speech, The ability to communicate in spoken words.
from Phe’s Shipping Square

Desme Selamputo is actually a recent addition to the Dark Court, post Death Court wars. They do not know why she has decided to make the Vella Crean her home, but there is something very proud and powerful about the Moss Hydra, and Royiuion has warmly welcomed her into her ranks.

Desme may not have officially bonded to any individual, but many of the dark court dragons consider her their leader, multi-bonding to her as they hatch from the eggs. She is considered a little bit of a den mother, and when you have such a large and dangerous creature guarding the sands, well… even Shy is a little bit loathe to interfere.

(Scuttlebut says that it is precisely because Desme has been guarding the eggs that the Scientist had no chance to meddle with the court hatching. We’ll see what happens with the Imperial Court clutch.)