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Erinas Jariane

Name: Erinas Jariane
Colour: Black-Gloyellowgreen-Yellow
Mother:Eraxa Jariane
Height at shoulder: 7’11”
Length: 52′
Height Shapeshifted: 6’3″
Special Features: Horns and Antennae are unique to this year’s winter gather.

Special Abilities:
Shapeshift – Strong ability to shift between dragon, humanoid, taur, and other shapes.
Narcotic Magic – The same magic pulled from the tail, when ingested, can induce hallucinations, feelings of euphoria, and a dulling of pain. Abuse can cause feelings of remorse and even suicidal thoughts.
Bioluminescence – This chemical reaction allows Nightmourners and their offspring to glow.
Immortality – Barring disease or accident, this dragon will live on forever.
Birdspeak – This dragon can communicate with birds and understand them perfectly.

Note: They are always female and will always have female offspring. This dragon also has a special ability to know where all Nexus worlds are and to project illusory versions of itself and allies to people within those worlds, a little like a hologram for communication.

Erinas Jariane is off attending the Flurry with her dear friend Bitte