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Essai [ The Human Ari ]

Dilaraba Dilmurat
Name Essai
Age 16-17
Appearance Essai is small and fair, with long dark hair that is worn neatly, and clothing that is pressed just so. She is particular about details and making sure she presents the right facade, and ensuring all the i’s are dotted and the t’s crossed.
Essai always seems good natured and surprised, caught off guard as if the world isn’t quite moving at the pace that she needs it to. She is bright, friendly, and seems perpetually lost; sometimes giving the air of a fumbly puppy that can’t quite get their bearing.
Personality Essai is a cheerful and hardworking person who doesn’t quite get what is happening to her. She is a bit of a traditionalist, having expected to follow in her parent’s footsteps as a traditional dragon rider, fighting in the wings against the Death Court. But what now? Communications coordinator? Liaison?
She doesn’t quite know what the words mean or what her new job is supposed to entail, but she is eager! and ambitious! and will prove herself! Or so she says.
Ability Essai is completely and utterly human.
Studying her brain out at Carramba High

Cyber Court Candidate Story