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Galinnden [ Peria ]

Andre Ziehe
Name Galinnden Erenaeth
Age 484
Appearance Of medium-height with a muscular build. Galinnden’s skin is a deep brown with an emerald tint. He has long, straight blue-black hair and narrow green eyes. He has a shaggy beard and eyebrows and dresses in simple, water-friendly clothes.
Personality Nice, awkward, hurtful, non-rebellious and idealistic.
Ability Galinnden is a sea elf.
Adoptable character and dragon pair from the Refugium.

Name: Peria-Anyaythlis’Refugium
2nd Name: Eventide Insight
Gender: Female
Species: 1/2 Wheke-Ika, 1/2 Miirusian Octodragon
Adult Length: 80′
Color: Blue-Yellow-Pink
Abilities: telepathy, underwater breathing, water magic, teleportation, echolocation, gravity manipulation, sympathetic link
Personality: Peria is self-centered and often bad mannered. She is demanding, dominant, and commanding, but not without reason. She has a sharp mind and is an excellent tactician. Whatever task she’s appointed to, she does her due diligence to succeed with the best of her abilities. She cares about fitting in and hates going against the grain. Unlike her bond, she’s practical rather than idealistic. She enjoys their trade and finds honor in being able to provide food and materials to her community. As long as she’s thanked for her efforts, of course.
Bond: Galinnden

From the hatching:

:: You’re doing that all wrong. You’ve got to poke with your nose, not kick with your tails! :: A large female wheke-ika hybrid squeezed herself from her own egg and glowered at her unhatched siblings. A few of them – the smaller ones – were struggling to get out of their shells. If only they’d listen to her!

“I think they’ll figure it out,” replied Galinnden, the sea-elf shepherd who’d be waiting hopefully nearby.

:: It would be faster if they followed instructions. :: huffed the brightly colored female. She abandoned her attempts at aid and floated toward the elf. :: Your Peria is glad you’re not so silly! ::

Galinnden smiled awkwardly, his worried drowned out by the golden frizzle of their bond.

Where are they now?

  • Peria and Galinnden have joined Carwaris and Lavoi at the Dome. Galinnden’s experience as a shepard is in high demand, and Peria, despite (or due to?) her bossiness makes a great supervisor and leader.
  • They are often left to take charge of the gardens and the livestock at the Dome. Galinnden much prefers the quiet and the solitude, but Venis has big plans to make the Dome a well known, well respected aquatic realm, and that will mean visitors, politics, and shenanigans.