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Imra and Tajio Varus

Yazemeenah Rossi & Husband
Name Imra (f) and Tajio (m) Varus
Age Late 50’s
Imra is tall, slender, with shoulder length white hair that dusky skin. She is most often dressed in multiple layers, mixing in prints and fabrics that the children have helped tie and craft. Imra likes to say that her children have given her white hair before her time- combined with her smooth, unblemished skin and quick wit and personality, she does have a remarkably ageless quality about her.
Tajio is as tall and as slender as Imra is, with dark hair sprinkled liberally with grey, a bracelet or two that one of the children have fashioned out of beads, and a thick burnished gold ring that he wears on his left hand fourth finger.
The Varus couple are very easy going and complementary to each other. Imra is the spark and fire, while Tajio seems a little more mild mannered and easy going. They are an inseparable pair, with inside jokes and secrets in their mannerisms and words that is hard to replicate without decades of being with one person.
Ability The Varus Couple are human, people think. They seem surprisingly young and spry, but weirder things have happened on the Vella Crean.
Recruiting Help at the Refugium’s Halloween Clutch

The Story that was supposed to be a story, but are bullet points

The Beginning

  • Imra and Tajio are the parents to Hvar and Savr. A trader couple who have enjoyed traveling across the Nexus, they had decided upon the Vella Crean has their pitstop to raise children in a more stable environment, trading wares and knowledge with other visitors.
  • The Vella Crean’s closure against the rest of the Nexus took the couple by surprise; but resilient, they adapted, opening an inn and restaurant, identifying ways to extend the supply of unique herbs and spices they had been planning to sell, and finding more permanent means of growing them on foreign soil.
  • The Death Court wars took the couple by surprise yet again; but they continued to be resilient, closing the restaurant and opening instead a daycare for children. Dragonriders had to fight the war, and the children needed permanent minding in a safe and sheltered environment. Imra is more than happy to open their home as a temporary rest stop for the children, and Hvar and Savr have no issues to helping with the baby sitting duties.
  • No one expects the wars to last for a decade, and in that time the home that was supposed to be a temporary rest stop becomes a permanent one. Imra and Tajio open up a foster home for children, liaising with the Blood Court to give some semblance of structure, family, and love for the children who have lost their parents to the devastating war.

The Present

  • In present time, Hvar has become the official raptor caretaker for the Scientist, and Savr is also off babysitting and caring for the fledgling dragons who have followed the Scientist home.
  • Imra and Tajio see the molten golden eyed Projects who watch them with curiosity, but ignore them. The children need care, and structure, and now in this tentative time of peace, they need to figure out what the next steps are to be.
  • They continue working with the Blood Court: Rina, who has been adopted by the Leader of the Blood Court continues to be a compassionate liaison, and curiously, so do some of the Projects who watch them with molten gold eyes.
  • One project who introduces himself as Imraan builds a fully functioning playground for the children, sheltered from the sky with thick archways full of stylized golems that appear when danger is near.
  • Another, Whisper, does not introduce himself but one day Imra finds a garden full of the rare herbs and spices she had trouble raising herself, flourishing on foreign soil.
  • Many continue to drop by, some curious about the children, other full of knowledge and skills they want to impart. Imra and Tajio adopt the Projects with easy grace and smiles, and decides that during this lull maybe the couple can take a short respite of their own

The Refugium

  • Imra and Tajio start their travels at the Refugium; the Scientist has built an Embassy here, and they have heard of the travellers who visit from across the Nexus, the stories they can tell and the wares that they can sell.
  • The Embassy is beautiful (Imraan is delighted at the feedback) and Savas is a polite if somewhat unusual host. The Varus couple hear of the most unusual clutch, eggs bundled together like spiders eggs, and decide to stay to see what the eggs hold.

Name: Loxeer Li’Siboritiax
Gender: Female
Height: 19′ at shoulder
Color: Night Predator
Abilities: Telepathy, Poison Sting, Teleportation, Breath Weapon (fire), Verbal Speech
Personality: temperamental, modest, quick to trust, inventive 
Sponsor: Tajio Varus

Name: Lylith Spidermoon
Gender: Female
Height: 5′ at shoulder
Color: Evening Sweets
Abilities: Bioluminescence, Verbal Speech, Wall Climb, Narcotic Magic, Poison Bite, Poison Sting, Stamina, Teleportation
Personality: always very excited, quick to trust people, dedicated, artistic
Bond: Imra Varus