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Jira [ The Breath ]

Name Jira “The Breath”
Age Prime
Appearance Jira might have been created during Shy’s peak emo phase. (Unironically, Ari has decided it might be a good idea for someone to look into the different phases of the Scientist, because there seems to be a common theme.). She looks remarkably very similar in appearance to Nimra, Premis and Whistle — but they do not seem to be quite from the same stock. Pale, ivory skin, curling raven black hair and eyes that glint ebon when not glinting molten gold, Jira is pretty in a haunting, don’t get too close, kind of way.
Personality Jira is not one for many words. She is quiet, much preferring to listen and watch than to be part of the entertainment. She is an observer, and having quietly watched the stupid shenanigans that is the Vella Crean, has decided that maybe it is time for her to see what else is out there. She is solemn, not quite a joker (in fact most jokes will fly over her head), and doesn’t quite understand sarcasm. She has a tendency of taking things quite literally and if she does not like what you have to say, she will stop listening.
Ability Jira is called The Breath. She has literally, the ability to give the breath of life. Once in her peak she might have been considered one of Shy’s most powerful Projects, but she seems to have lost interest in listening to what the Scientist has to say. She is a necromancer, but there is something terribly gauche about that title, isn’t there?
Standing at Nidus Caeligenus

Follow Jira’s adventure here.

Name: Fayill Rufasilex
Sponsored by: Jira the Breath (Naeodin)
Gender: Female
Species: Piralan Asandus Mutt
Adult Height: 16’ at the shoulder
Color: White-Orange-Yellow
Personality: Jira passes as unemotional and Fayill is utterly the opposite: this earnest dragoness is very much in touch with her heart and expresses it freely in word and song alike. She’s a romantic to the core, though maybe she’ll have a future tendency to fall for the ‘bad boys’ that are just gonna take another little piece of her heart and leave her like they never loved at all. She’s a bit of a wild one, but can you blame her? The world’s an incredible place to explore and experience!
Abilities: Avengaean Functional Magic, Body Heat Control, (Shapeshifting (Human), Summon Fire Elemental, Telepathy, Teleportation, Verbal Speech

Nae’s Plotting Plans

  • Oh, Fayill is going to cause so much trouble swooning after the bad boys. She is going to form a very sympathetic connection with Shy (because Sanger men swoon). She is going to be slowly, but surely draw Jira out of her shell. How can you continue to be stoic when your bond is full of such emotion and volatility?
  • I am tickled pink at the idea that Fayill is going to fangirl hard when she learns about Naxi’im.
  • Scuttlebutt says that this dragoness is the head of the “I Heart Naxi’im” fan club.