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Kalkan [ The Spark ]

“I think it’s cruel.” Monique announced. 

“That fire feels the chill?” 

“That he’s making you feel it.”

“He has his reasons.” came quiet, somber words. “I’ll survive, and adapt. I want to see what’s out there too.” 

Anastasia Leung Lohing
Name Kalkan
Age Appears to be in her mid twenties. Current form is less than six months old.
Appearance Kalkan is tawny and charismatic, with tousled hair and upturned eyes that glint with amusement, a small quirk of a smile on her face. She is normally dressed as if she is too cold; long soft hoodies, scarves that wrap and wind around her neck, fleece leggings and thick socks. It is funny, that for an elemental she feels the absence of heat as much as she does.
She is normally dressed in dark, easy to miss clothings, a bit of a mix and match of everything she has collected in the labs. Perishable items that feel good on her skin but have little value; she would not want to lose something too precious, and clothing has become… well, quite disposable of late.
Personality Kalkan is quiet, amused, laughing at you and the world, and a beat behind the rest of the world. She lives on her own pace, her own time, and while for a long time very little in the world interested her, well; the Death Court have their own odd blue fire, and that is a funny little quirk. Then the oldest of them all asked the Scientist for a body, and seems to be enjoying live at Isla; that was another funny little quirk.
Kalkan has asked for a new body to interact with the world, to see what the fuss is about.
At times she acts like a grand dame, the grandmother who lives in a palace and bestows kind words, but is not really part of your life. At other times, she acts a petulant and sensual woman, intoxicated by the physical sensations in this world and finding everything a little too heady.
Ability Kalkan is the personification of fire. This body has lasted her for six months, but over the past three or four years, she has had a tendency of burning up and needing a new one. Kalkan enjoys the small smoke and sizzle, and delights in fantastical light shows.
If pressed, she will share stories of the time when her fire was dark and hungry, consuming everything it could touch. She blames it on puberty (or menopause. It depends on the mood you find her in). She says she is in control now, and so far, no one else seems to have been hurt by her antics.
Standing at Clan Vecira

Kalkan’s Candidate Story