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Kas [ The Dragonhealer ]

“Isn’t that what love is?” Kas asked suddenly, eyes bright. “I would rather fall in love, than bond with a dragon.”

Kolten Jensen
Name Kas
Age Mid 20’s
Appearance Kas is tall, rangy, with a bright smile and cheerful eyes that Celeste finds sickening sweet. He appears to be your quintessential “good guy”, the one who gets rejected by the girl for the bad boy, but is always there to lend a helping hand.
There is nothing about Kas that particularly stands out, or is particularly noticeable. He has olive warmed skin, dark hair, dark eyes, and a slight stubble that he sheepishly tries to deal with when he remembers.
Personality Kas is easy going and sweet natured. Some may say he is a little bit of a himbo, but he is just a very laid back individual. He enjoys helping out those who needs his help, whether they are Vella Crean residents or Projects, or… or sometimes Death Court dragons, and has a very “let’s maintain harmony” type of outlook on life.
If there is one thing he is passionate about, it would be saving lives. Kas delights in his studies as a dragon healer- something that became a necessity during the wars to help out the healers, and now has become his vocation.
He follows and pesters Shy incessantly, demanding training, or help. There must be a Project level healer who could take him under his wing, right?
Shy has offered to augment his abilities, give him that extra added advantage. Kas has shied away from that.
Ability Kas is human. He is smart, passionate about his studies and is becoming quite the gifted dragon healer, but he is completely and utterly human.
Standing at Clan Vecira

Kas’ Candidate Story