Kekova [ The Bounty Hunter ]

Caleb Callahan
Name Kekova
Age Mid thirties. Maybe?
Appearance Kekova is tall and rough hewn, with corded muscle and that spicy scent of leather and adventure that is quite hard to resist. He is playful, charming, and completely not serious about life; with a devil may care attitude that carries over to everything he enjoys doing, Kekova likes nothing more than to see where life takes him.
He is ordinarily dressed in rough leather that has seen better days; well worn, well maintained clothing that has witnessed numerous adventures. And when Kekova smiles that special smile and has that particular glint in his eye, well; pull up a chair, and see what he has to say.
Personality Kekova may seem to have a devil may care attitude, and he does, most of the time. He fully intends to enjoy his time in the Nexus and has a peculiar zest for life that involves laughter, woman, and… hunting bounties.
Adventurous enough, and a risk taker enough that some have advised his time might be shorter than he expects, Kekova enjoys a challenge, and testing his limits.
Ability Kekova is a human (? they say? he hasn’t said otherwise?) bounty hunter.
Standing at Dawn Watch Weyr


Kekova is a “human” bounty hunter. He claims to be in his mid thirties, and no one remembers him more than fifteen years ago, so people have let his claim slide. He is a good, good friend of Shy’s. Some speculate that he might be more than a friend, but the bounty hunter bears a passing resemblance to the Vanya men, and so the same some presume maybe it is this ‘Vanya’ other-ness that has attracted the scientist.

Since the Vella Crean disconnected from the Nexus, Kekova has been travelling the Nexus, collecting bounties and hunting prizes. His favourite targets have been the weird and the unusual on Koshi Kodai; where he has regularly been the welcome guest of two nagas who call the depths home.

Present Time

Kekova slowly circled the room, his hands in the pocket of his jacket, letting out a low appreciative whistle.

“So you’ve reconnected with the Vella Crean then?”

Shy nodded, a small, pleased smile on his face as he took a short sip of tea. “You made good timing, Kekova. I wonder though, if you did not know we had reconnected how you knew the coordinates to find us?”

The bounty hunter slanted him a sly smile. “I have my ways.” he answered archly, his tone not so different from the sly arch tone the Scientist was prone to use himself.

“Of course you do.” he murmured to himself, lifting the cup of tea to his lips again but not taking a sip. “How long do you plan on staying?”

“That is something I wished to discuss with you, dear heart.” Kekova answered offhand, missing the surprised gasp from the shadows of the room. “Do you think there is place for me here?”

The askance, startled expression in Shy’s face had the bounty hunter laugh.

“I am not planning on settling down, if that is what you are hoping for.” he grinned, a slash of white teeth. “The Nexus is wonderous, and the bounties-“

“Which you mean literally.” Shy pointed out.

“Hmmm. Quite.” he murmured. “The bounties have been rewarding. But-” the bounty hunter shrugged. “The world is growing too fast, and I think, it would not hurt to put down some roots.” his smile this time was dry. “I am getting old, after all.”

Shy let out a delighted peal of laughter as he gently put down the cup. “We have our own trouble here with a particularly distasteful group of dragons, but nothing of the adventure you might be used to.” he paused, pursued his lips. “I might have an interesting endeavour for you.”


“How do you feel about bonding?”

Kekova grimaced. “I am a clumsy, ungainly fool in the air dear heart, you know this.”

An amused bark of laughter was abruptly cut off from the corner of the room, one that the two men ignored. “I have a student who has a wher clutch on the sands. Genetically engineered, and quite a delightful project.” Shy tilted his head, smiled. “There is a small group of raptor queens who have decided to call the Weyr home, whom you might find quite interesting.”

Kekova let out an interested noise. “Where is this world?”

“Dawn Watch.” Shy rose, offering an arm towards the bounty hunter. “I will escort you myself, personally. It is time I checked in on some of my children.”