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Kim Larsen [ Horticulturalist ]

Candidate created for Agni Weyr

Player’s name Sescha

Portrayed by Godfrey Gao

Character Name: Kim Larsen
Job / Rank
Kim is a quietly good looking man whose body languages and mannerisms seem to focus entirely inward. Tall and of average stature, he has skin on the pale side of tan, dark brown eyes and dark hair that is worn short and somewhat disheveled.

He is also surprisingly muscular for a horticulturalist. Preferring to spend his spare time away from people and in quiet reflection, Kim is buff. It’s just hidden underneath all of… that. Almost always dressed in clothing that is a size too big, it has less to do with insecurity, and more to do with lack of thought and planning.

Kim wears glasses- he also has about half a dozen spares tucked away for safe keeping. His vision is poor enough that he requires aid for reading, but he quietly appreciates that they give him a little bit more a buffer with other people- a prop that allows him to look away and use his hands.

Kim is intensely shy. He does not do well with prolonged eye contact with people he is not close to, and prefers solitude to crowds. It shows in the way he holds himself, body language that always seems to be pointing towards the nearest exit, and the way he is very careful to make sure no one is in his personal space.

Despite that, Kim usually does have a sunny disposition and expression. He can normally be found with a gentle smile on his face, and even if they furtive, he will try to hold your gaze for as long as possible.
Kim is quiet and shy- there are no other words that would better describe the man who prefers solitude to the company of others, plants to people. Had he grown up in a more settled environment in his early formative years, maybe he would have been more of an extrovert. But spending his late childhood and teenage years on a colony ship with two overprotective parents gave him a very sheltered view of the world, and a lack of socialization skills.

Kim is not good with people, but he is very empathic. He understands undercurrents of emotions and frustrations- in part because he feels the same. He is quiet, and quite obedient when it comes to orders from those he considers his superiors. He is a good worker, very detail oriented, and most at home when he is in the greenhouse or gardens, surrounded by plants.

Kim is very smart: he has both his parent’s intelligence that he applies diligently to the study of plant life: considering the flora he studies and adapts to this new world in bite size codes more in line with computer programming. He enjoys analyzing and studying the plant specimen almost as much as he enjoys getting his hands dirty with the actual planting and hybridization of flora- in this regard, Kim has taken after both of his parents.

Kim enjoys his life on Pern- he enjoys the more agrarian lifestyle and that his work and his father’s work has helped created native flora on this plant. He finds firelizards amusing and dragons still the stuff of legends: despite the fact that now there is an actual clutch on the sands.
Kim’s parents Oskar and Minji are leading experts in their field. Having met at the prime of their careers with little or no interest in halting their career for child rearing, Kim was ‘happy’ accident after celebrating another one of Minji’s many career achievements.

Kim was named after his mother’s surname, to ensure both parents lineage would never be forgotten. As the only child (Minji made sure no such ‘happy accidents’ could occur again) he was coddled and loved from birth, but also reared with a somewhat clinical eye by individuals who considered him a receptacle of knowledge, and demonstration of their talents and intelligence.

When Oskar and Minji were invited to join a colony ship, they considered this an opportunity of a lifetime and did not hesitate in bringing Kim with them.

Kim grew up on a colony ship with little interaction with the other children. Both parents took turns in teaching him, demonstrating their craft and silently hoping that their only son would be able to take after their interests. Although Kim showed talent in understanding codes and computer programming, he seemed to shine in his lessons with his father.

Kim is not an official, certified horticulturalist, but he has grown up on the colony ship and by his parent’s side. He is especially skilled at plant breeding and plant biochemistry, and is passionate about his work. At most times he can be found a silent shadow by his father’s side, providing assistance and support, writing up materials, and ensuring the propagation of new lines of flora for Pern.

Kim has spent most of his ‘off’ time in the greenhouse, or physical training. He enjoys his alone time, (working out is probably the only time he can get away from both of his parents), and has continued to have limited interaction with people if it does not concern work of some sort. Although he has not been involved in the dragon project himself, he does find it to be fascinating- and has been known to take more time off of work to watch dragons.

Father : Oskar Larsen (65), Horticulturalist
Mother : Minji Kim (55), Computer Programmer
Character Created for Agni Weyr (Discord RP)