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Kimryn Na’carrah [Little Prince]

He is his fathers’ child, he does not want to be known as strong and fierce and powerful all on account of his heritage. 

Name Kimryn Na’carrah
Age Young
Appearance Blood-silver Arx Atra Mons Beast/Hathian/Hydra, 22′ at the shoulder.
Personality “Trust me,” is what Kimryn said to his fathers before slinking Bekira’s way. The woman expects strength and Beastly prowess, this he knows, and this he believes he has — but he by no means intends any loyalty, neither to her nor any Arx, Atra Mons or otherwise. He is his fathers’ child, he does not want to be known as strong and fierce and powerful all on account of his heritage. He goes to see that he might learn what not to be — and then one day he shall simply be gone.
Ability Breath Weapons (Fire, Ice), Telepathy, Teleportation, Venomous Stingers
From Nidus Caeligenus

Kimryn is a little bit of a wild card for Bekira and Devalis’Salvir. The little prince (as they have grown to calling the hydra) knows all the right things to say, the proper way to behave, and his eyes, (all four pairs of them) are so intent at taking things in, are so hungry for knowledge. Devalis’Salvir is proud of the little prince they brought home with them, the one with the Arx Atra Mons and Hydra heritage. But there is just something that isn’t quite…right.

Bekira thinks it’s just the growing pains of a young hydra. They have been disconnected from the Nexus for so long, maybe they have forgotten what it is like to raise a child. Plus, Gen Z– am i right?

The sponsors do like to spoil their little prince so though, and are hoping that with time, and knowledge, they will be able to bring around the little boy to their side.

Kimryn, on the other hand, has different ideas. It does not hurt, he thinks, to learn what there is out there in a world, and he wants to chart his own path. He wants to be make his own decisions, and be known for something more than a hydra or a Beast. Bekira and Devalis provide him with a save place to grow, all the resources he needs to learn.

Maybe he’ll stick around for a little while, take what he needs. Although, he wonders if maybe if he could convince the hydra rider pair to look at things from his perspective.

Kimryn Na’carrah is not going to get along with Al’ Dahr. The self proclaimed hydra king will be the instigator that prompts the young princes move on to different, greener pastures.