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Kindred Filideindrah

Thunderbolts and lightning, very very frightening me!

Name Kindred Filideindrah
Age Young
Appearance Kindred likes to jump out of the dark, and loves flying in the sky when it is heavy with thunderstorms and lightning. While he considers Herakles and its various wards home, he hates being in space because he can’t quite carry off the same flair as he can in worlds with heavy atmospheric conditions.
Kindred has dark, dark hide mottled with black and deep gray specks, beautifully blue hued hair and silver and white markings across his body. He blends in beautifully with the night sky on a stormy night, and is often jumping off tall places screaming “Thunder and Lightning!” to scare unsuspecting passerbys.
Personality Kindred is young. He is immature. He loves life, surprising and scaring people and having them scream in fright. He is not evil, just a little bit playful and very, very immature. Have I mentioned yet how immature he is? Although for all intents and purposes Kindred is a fully grown young adult male, he has the sense of humor and attention of a 13 year old human boy. Maybe he will settle down and grow up, but today is not that day.
Ability Verbal speech, teleportation, telepathy. Strong affinity with weather, not enough to cast magic but enough for him to sense lightning storms.
Line Art: Dray Coloring: Phe

Kindred Filideindrah is currenty based in Herakles.

He does not call a specific ward home, and can often be found causing trouble across all twelve wards. However, he likes to spend most of his time traveling to different worlds with very similar atmospheric conditions to Earth. Because his favorite, absolute favorite activity is flying high in the night sky during torrid thunderstorms and singing.