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Kotor [ The Flint ]

Lewis Burton
Name Kotor
Age Old. The only elemental to have had a human shaped body for a very long time.
Appearance Kotor is tall and pale, with dark hair and dark eyes, and a permanent scowl on his face. He is Not Happy. Anytime. But especially more recently with the wars and the death and the sudden push for weaponized Projects.
He is normally dressed in dark clothing, huddled in the corner with a permanent scowl aimed at Shy’s direction. At times, he is often playing with molten metal the way others might play with sticky taffy or playdoh.
Personality Kotor is a quiet, sensible, bitter man. He may look like a man in his prime, but his actions and attitudes are that of an old crochety geezer who only wants to complain about the ‘good old days’ and the lack of respect from the young ones.
He is as old as Monique, and people forget that, because he has never been involved in the song and dance that is Shy. Quiet and reclusive, he would have preferred to spend the rest of his days alone and occupying himself with his own elderly interests, except for the noise and the commotion and Shy what did you do what do some of these dragons who metal elemental abilities?
Ability Kotor is a metal elemental. He bends and creates alloys to his will, and has been a supplier for most of the buildings and structures of the Vella Crean and the Labs. It is, a little bit of science and a whole lot of magic: because you shouldn’t be able to create something from nothing. Kotor does not actively demonstrate his abilities, and he is Pissed Off that a new generation of dragons have suspiciously demonstrated his elemental skills.
Quietly complaining at Carramba High

Cyber Court Candidate Story