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Majdan [ The “King Raptor” ]

Name Majdan
Age Prime
Appearance Molten Gold Nebula Glitz. Just. Look at him.
Personality Majdan is a strong willed, arrogant whorling, but he’s beautiful, and he knows it. He has a tendency of trying to impose his thoughts and wills on others, but it is out of concern, not out of spite. He doesn’t quite know how he ended up at the Labs and why the Raptor Queens are calling him a Raptor King (he is a whorling, not a raptor, thank you very much. But ‘King’… well, that seems to have a nice ring to it).
Ability Verbal Speech, Teleportation, Fire Breath, Metal Magic
From The Chaos of Colour #2 Giveaway

Majdan was not quite sure what he had gotten himself into.

The labs were plush, his quarters generously decorated, and there was always one golden eyed Project milling around somewhere, more than willing to answer questions and requests.

So what if the Labs seemed to have resident “native” raptors, slightly too intelligent, being herded around by a few humans? Every world in the Nexus seemed to have its oddities, and raptors… well. They were small enough that Majdan knew if he was ever tempted, they would be a crunchy little snack.

The three raptor queens concerned him a little bit more. Intelligent, capable of vocal speech and entirely too skilled at little bits of magic, (why did they have the ability to turn into humans? Was this a native ability?) they had a little wher named Ousk, and the uncanny ability of finding him no matter how hard he tried to hide from them.

No, Majdan was not sure what he had gotten himself into.

He was a whorling, not a raptor. But they liked to call him their King, and… well.

Who did not like being referred to as such?