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Nana [ The Balm ]

When the grief hurts her heart, she calls me and I numb the pain.

When the anger overwhelms her and she can’t think, can’t function, she calls me and I help sooth the anger so that she can survive another day

You would not stop me for going to her when she calls?

“Of course not.” he answered.

“Because she woke us.” 

Elana Sartison
Name Nana
Age Seems young-ish. In her 20s?
Appearance Nana is tall and slender, her pose always carefully composed, like a dancer. She would not seem out of sorts on the stage in a classical production, her arms arched and her legs pointed. She carries an odd frail quality about her as she moves, swaying from side to side as if not all of her physical body is quite here.
With pale skin and long dark hair that glints copper gold in the light, her eyes are a soft pale blue, and seem much older than her age.
She prefers to dress in flowing clothing, bits and bobs she has found and collected, and oftentimes, clothing that does not really belong to her. She likes to collect souvenirs of places she has been, people she has met; and it doesn’t matter how much she takes, because they don’t remember.
Personality Nana seems sometimes to be two people. A dangerous predator who has no morals or qualms with her task at hand, and at other times, a soft and mild mannered child. She is easily distracted, and often loses her train of thought.
Nana is flighty, a little doozy, and moves with little purpose.
Until she gets hungry.
Bright sparks of emotion attract her, and brightens, speeds up, has more energy. She is driven by thought and logic sometimes, and other times, by base instinct. If she is hungry, she will eat. If she can, she will gorge.
Ability Nana consumes emotions. She is able to blunt pain, to give those who are grieving time to heal, to soften the anger so that passion does not drive decisions, to nibble at happiness and give those a moment of clarity. Nana is a glutton; when she finds a strain of emotion that she enjoys the taste of, she will consume the person until there is nothing left, and then lament that she should be able to practice more will power.
Standing at Clan Vecira

Nana’s Candidate Story