NPC and Plotting List

Ryslen Flurry ( 2/6 )

[O] Erinas Jariane the NightMourner

[] The Shield

[O] Project: electronic project who brings a Pigeon so they are never disconnected

[] The Healer from the Light Court accompanies Nae and Mia with[O] Nadio, her son

Dawn Watch Hope Court Clutch

[O] Ourai – Leader of the Lost Riders

Memorial Clutch

Baskar Clutch

Amber’s IGPC Clutch

Yakima’s Court Clutch

Yakima’s Elemental Court Clutch

Mystic Secret Healing Den Clutch

Mystic Second Death Court Clutch

Gilded Court Clutch

[O] A Monster – Karma personified. Returns what they think you deserve. Twisted Luck.

[O] Ait Taj Matriarch

Birb Clutch

Xeno Clutch

Additional Characters

Lightning Project (d?)

The tech dragon from Starfyre

Headchef that works for Shy.

Strategist who works for the Dark Court

Water elemental.

Tech element that talks to 1’s and 0’s.

A candidate in their 40s who is now too old to stand

Blood court resident who likes to tackle lineage.

Pernese Liaison (Vella Creanese descendent of Nae)

Monster that causes things to decompose

Leader of the orphans

[O] Nadio – The Steward

Reserved Characters

Samra the Matriarch – Alt. Benden’s next clutch.

The Sword Mage – Project, bonds with an elemental at IGPC court clutch