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Rina [ The Heir ]

Ciana Parks
Name Rina
Age 17-18
Appearance Rina is of average height with dusky skin and long dark hair that makes it to about mid back in tight spirals. On the days that she straightens her hair and braids it into intricate works of art, it is definitely much longer. She has soulful dark eyes and the calm and pleasant expression of a young woman who has seen too much and really, nothing in this world surprises her any more.
Personality Rina is calm, sedate, and Very Mature. She is normally quietly following the grownups and taking notes, listening to what they have to do and being a very obedient young woman. She speaks when spoken to, and has ideas and opinions; she just does not like to draw too much attention to herself.
Rina understands the devastation of war and loss, of death; and having experienced things first hand, she is not one to easily side with the Death Court. But Rina believes overall in peace, and unity, and believes with patience there is something they can do to reach a compromise.
Ability Rina is entirely human.
Standing at the Empyrean Stair Court Clutch

Empyrean Stair Candidate Story

From the hatching:

The first out of them to find his feet, a lanky red Blood Court started to give a proper look around, before tilting his head in surprise when glancing in the direction of Rina.  He freezes in place for just a moment – a meditative blank look rather than the sort of assessment one might find at other hatchings – and then trots towards her with a rather pleased look.  β€œI can see you!  In the old thoughts!  Except you were smaller.”

He hesitates for a brief moment after that.  β€œIs that alright?  I wanted to pick you anyway, but now I really really want you to be mine.  My name is Mimirith.”

Name: Mimirith

Court: Blood
Gender: Male
Coloration: Red

Abilities: Telepathy, Teleportation, Verbal Speech, Blood-Activated Elemental Magic, Genetic Memory*, Trance*

Personality: Amiable, Insightful