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Savr [ The Caretaker’s Sister ]

Fernanda Oliveira
Name Savr
Age Young
Appearance Savr is quite tall and a little bit bony, but don’t let her appearance fool you. She is strong enough to handle being tackled by a raptor, and is also easily able to carry three or four fledglings in her arms easily. She has very curly boisterous hair that is worn very freely and very loosely, with maybe an odd feather or two threaded in for a pop of colour.
Savr likes to wear multiple layers, and multiple colours. Her brother likes to joke that she wears so many to be perfectly camouflaged amongst the raptors; because sometimes, it’s difficult to see where one raptor ends and Savr begins.
Personality Savr is a very easy going young woman, laid back and chill with an underlying steel dominance that makes her a very efficient babysitter and fledgling caretaker. She enjoys spending her time with the raptor fledglings, and also with the wherlets that her brother and the raptor queens have bonded to.
She connects more easily with the fledgling dragons that are under her care than other humans. Although Savr is not shy, she does not enjoy the complexity and nuances of adult life, or the politics.
Ability Savr is human, they think. Maybe a little bit of something else mixed into her lineage though, because she is surprisingly strong.
Standing at Meridian Weyr

What was supposed to be a story, but is now bullet points

The Beginning

  • Savr is born to a trader couple who moved to the Vella Crean to pursue wealth and fame, only to have the planet barricade itself against the rest of the world (great timing).
  • They pivot their business model and open a protected day care and inn for residents; the Death Court wars is not something they would have expected or planned for, but it works out in the end. Riders need to fight the war, and they have children that need caring.
  • Hvar and Savr adapt well; Savr, growing up amongst the children of lost riders, Hvar easily learning to herd and manage children.
  • The Death Court war cuts through swathes of riders, and the children are left lost and alone; Savr and Hvar’s parents quickly adapt and open up a foster home.

The Middle

  • The Raptors are a surprise. Sentient and smart, able to follow direction and orders; Hvar is the first to fall into an odd role caring for the raptors- and the raptor queens; well, Savr quickly learns what she wants to be when she grows up.
  • She wants to be a raptor queen.
  • The Scientist returns with his progeny and the Vella Crean is safe again; projects whizz to and fro, helping with the reconstruction of the Vella Crean. Projects (capital P) with molten gold eyes follow, some able to create buildings out of marble, others fantastical gardens out of seeds.
  • Savr finds this new world fascinating, and wants to learn more.
  • She finds it easy to fall alongside her brother and help with the raptors; the little ones are no problem at all to carry around, and the large ones seem willing to listen to her commands. The Raptor Queens; they laugh and twitter, following her again asking for gossip, and she oblidges.
  • It hurts a little bit when the raptor queens and Hvar leave for Dawn Watch; did they forget to ask her? Or maybe, they did not think she would be interested?
  • Savr wants to become a raptor queen and travel the world.
  • She spends the time with the raptors, and also a little fledgling dragon enthusiastic about promoting peace and helping ‘mee maw’. (It thrills her to know a little blue dragon who would so casually refer to the Empress of the Vella Crean as mee maw).
  • Savr visits and listens to the lessons that Shiqinth attends, quietly watches the stately dark court blue Ymeth, and watches as new arrivals teleport in. New “Courts”, and new dragons that follow lineage from the Vella Crean but are born outside of their planet.
  • Savr wanrts to become a raptor queen, travel the world, and also meet other Court dragons.

The Death Court Hatching

  • One day, Shiqinth returns home, quiet and hard to console. There is pain and confusion and it breaks her heart to hear the little fledgling cry. The story comes out in bits and pieces. The Peace Delegation failed: Ymeth bonded with a Death Court and decided he would stay with his Queens. A little black Death Court found it hilarious enough to poke and prod and draw blood.
  • Quietly, Shiqinth starts to withdraw. Savr discovers monsters that hunt dreams, and lets you pick and choose from good memories, or create new ones. She learns of an Empyrean Stair Court clutch, and wonders: maybe this is her future?
  • As she quietly helps the candidate delegation prepare for their travels to Empyrean Stair, she learns of an unusual and highly interesting event. An All Hallows Eve Costume Party.
  • It gives Savr a Great Idea.

Meridian Weyr All Hallows Eve

  • Hvar and the Raptor Queens have not returned, and so Savr takes it upon herself to talk to Shy.
  • She chickens out at the last minute and talks to his Aide instead, who finds the idea entirely amusing, and promises to help her source costumes.
  • Shiqinth… takes some more time to convince, but by the end of it, she finds the little spark of a rebellious teenager who delights in the idea.
  • So the entourage is born.
  • Savr dresses as one of the raptor queens, a large bouncy headdress, feathered and glittering bustier and dress. She enjoys this, and decides maybe this should become part of her every day wear.
  • Savr is careful, so careful to pick out and hand prepare Shiqinth’s outfit. Two large red horns, the appropriate scarring; maybe the healers at the Vella Crean would find her idea crazy, but Shiqinth seems to enjoy it. Savr dresses the Imperial Blue as Naxi’im, the leader of the Death Court.
  • Other dragons delight at this idea and of helping the little blue, so she finds a blood court, a death court, and a light court dragon, and cuts out from cardboard and paints the most inauthentic, childish horns and spikes.
  • It is not about appearing like the real thing, but to give Shiqinth a good memory to associate with the Death Court.
  • That is how the Vella Crean delegation arrives at Meridien Weyr; a human girl dressed like a raptor queen and four dragons decked out as “Death Court”.