Shiqinth [ Little Prince ]

Name Shiqinth
Age Adolescent
Appearance Shiqinth is an Imperial Court blue dragon, with hide a deep and shimmery blue that seems slightly silver int he right light. It has a pattern that seems to move and shift on its own, not too different from the Northern Lights. His sales and crest are a pale gray blue, and sparkly. Shiqinth is growing into his horns, and at the moment they are awkward nubs that have extended into antlers that still itch a little too much.
Personality Shiqinth is a little bit spoiled, and coddled. He is fondly referred to as the Little Prince by other Projects, and this moniker has been picked up by many of other residents of the Vella Crean. He is good natured and sweet, blindly optimistic about how the world is supposed to work, and believes in the good in people. He trusts those that he considers family, maybe a little bit too much, and is definitely a firm believer of a silver lining.
Or he was.
Ymeth’s betrayal has hurt his core, and has shaken up the Little Prince. He doesn’t understand why his best friend would leave him, and allow for others to hurt him. He is relearning trust.
Abilities: Telepathy, Verbal Speech, Teleportation Fire Breath, Fire Balls, Venom Bite, Elemental Magic
Class: Wizard
Desc: A master of the arcane arts.
Unique Ability: Augury (by concentrating for 10 minutes, you know the destination of one target up to 24 hours in advance), Locate Animal or Plant (by concentrating for 10 minutes, you know the direction and distance of a target)
Standing at the Empyrean Stair Court Clutch

Cameo Appearance:

The Death Court Candidate Story

Empyrean Stair Candidate Story