Residents of the Vella Crean

Note: Characters in red are planned characters that are not complete. OOC, if one tickles your fancy for a clutch, please let me know.

Shy and his Projects

Shy “The Scientist”The LabShiqinth the Imperial
Al-eem’isanAri The AideMarch of Madness
Monique The Oracle
Valtoz Sikani
Striga the Daughter
Imraan The Architect
Platos The Ark
Whistle The Landscaper
Nimra The Meddler
Premis The Meddler
Fenit The Elixir
Armann The Seeker
Naya The Hub
Sidhu The Dreamcatcher
Sh’an The Searchrider
Atlas The Cartographer
Ixis The Collector
Tiskaya The Wind
Kalkan The SparkKotor The FlintQuzza the DropAria the Light
Kip The Spell
Nychta, Ankalies, Kapnos
Echo The Negator
Choros, Ydor, Symvouli
Aki The Linguist
Jira The Breath
Fayill Rufasilexh
Kovta The Frost
Beta The First

Residents of the Lab

Mother the Dragon
Esche the NagaIesha the NagaAl Ain
The Raptor Queens
MajdanAugden the XenoNodemethSibusiso Saden
IestethAevesidthAshri Filidesehmei
Kekova the Bounty Hunter
Kekosk, Kovask
Sabine, the Seamstress

Embassy at the Refugium

Oneya Mieka, ambassador of the Vella Crean to the Refugium and Savas, the gifted Project who “hears” the future have slowly been growing their family a the Refugium. A home for the Projects who are deemed a little too dangerous for the Vella Crean, and a wayward port of safety for all manner of creations, the embassy at the Refugium may be one of Shy’s alternate residences, but they consider themselves carefully neutral in all the odd shenanigans taking place.

Oneya Mieka The Ambassador
Oneya Izu
Savas The Eyes
Observe, Oculus, Vision
Ait’ Mali-TajNaran The Bard

Namiya & Her “Pirates”

Spliced together from Naeodin and Shy’s genes, Namiya was brought to Istabitha’s, and now is off cavorting around the world, looking for descendents of the original Istabitha’s and putting together her own ragtag crew of space pirates.

Namiya the Descendent
Kolten the Descendent
Selfish McGreedypantsMacKrie the Stargazer
Erinas JerianeVeleakiz

Anna and her Monsters

AKA: Nae went through something somewhat terrible and is using monsters to cope.

Anna the Girl
Ravi the Blade
Nana the BalmAmina the CureKenopsia, KarmaDevraj, The Shield

Residents of the Vella Crean

The Council

Under the direct purview of the Empress, the Council is made up of dragonriders who have served in leadership positions for both the Vella Crean and Istabitha’s Weyr. The backbone that forms the core of the city, they form most of the executive direction that is taken by the leadership, and is considered of the three courts, the most powerful.
Since the Vella Crean has reconnected with the Nexus, a new Imperial Guard has formed, led by the Cleric.

[Coming Soon]
Naeodin The EmpressPerenyth
The Fourth Council MemberAlseras Council Member
A’den Council Member
Velin Council Member
The Fourth Council Member
Rycroft Arvale
Onesto The Cleric*The MageThe GeneralMeiyan
The StewardNaliaEssai “Human Ari”

The Light Court

The Light Court continues to be ruled with an authoritative fist by Maramia. Since the Death Court wars and the arrival of the cleric, the Light Court leader’s ruling style has softened somewhat, but of the three, they continue to rule with an iron fist. The Light Court believes in the importance of diplomatic ambassadors and also on keeping a very close eye on the Scientist; emissaries from the Court are being dispersed across the network as the Vella Crean returns.

Maramia, Light Court Leader
The Head HealerOneya Mieka*Kas The Dragon HealerLan Mio the Medic
Ah Kum & Cirta

The Dark Court

The Dark Court has maintained a new and tenuous detente with the Light Court. Having led the strategic and military tactics of the Death Court wars, the Dark Court continues to specialize in training the next generation in the art of war. The return of the Dark Court Heiress does herald a new chapter for the Vella Crean; will she follow her mother’s tactics of diplomacy, or has she learnt a different, warlike path from her time at Tris’ Hath?

Mwvayan, Dark Court Leader
Celeste The Dark Court HeirYaye The General
Aslath, Duath
Navir The Steward
Ourai, Leader, Lost RidersYmeth, Peace Delegate
Desme Selamputo

The Blood Court

The Court that was created specifically to balance the Light and the Dark, led by a leader who does not have a dragon of her own; the blood court has quietly ceded their right as the mediator between the two warring factions in the face of the Death Court war, and has taken a more contemplative route of records keeping and storytelling.

Rina The Blood Court HeirEmra The Archivist l KaiyothTarian

Unaffiliated Residents

Residents of the Vella Crean who are not directly aligned with a specific court.

Maya The Weapons Master
Magnus Haukke
The Varus Couple
Loxeer & Lylith
Hvar The Raptor Caretaker
Hvarsk, Hvask
Savr, The Babysitter
Tamin Simya

Residents of the Dome

Tishka Khym’Vanya
Mirage TaiCarwaris Carey
Galinnden Erenaeth

The “Family”

The largest trading family on the Vella Crean: currently seeking to expand their empire.

Samra the Matriarch
Varghese l KrythAmil l TovillathVariance l UnicoythSaris

The Taj Tribe

A mytserious group of nomads who all seem to have hair that glints molten code.

Ait’ Pillar-TajAit’Shield-Taj
Ait’ Haro-Taj
Arlo of Wondej
Ait’ Rao-TajAit’ Kara-Taj
Toronde Mei’Thwei
Ait’ Mali-Taj


Residents of Herakles.

Vaero l Vaneo’Mybl
Kindred Filideindrah

The Hydra Regiment

Bekira Khan l Devalis’SalvirAl’ Dahr Kimryn Na’carrah
Declan l Drsi’ ValarisskMannan l Khalgeth Cormac l ZoeravinthEammon l Opa-ru Yurei
Bracken BalechildStyre Balechild

An NPC / Spoilers list of candidates in the works