The General [ The Council ]

Tony Thornburg
Name “The General”
Age 40’s, we think?
Appearance The General is tall, with pale skin as if he has never seen the sun (which to be fair under the armour, it might be true), long dark hair that is worn efficiently away from his face, and dark broody eyes that Shy has taken quite the liking to.
He is tall and sinewy, without too much bulk, but this does not mean he lacks power. Full of strength, agility, and grace, the General is the type of soldier who turns battles into dance, and has fluidity in his actions that comes with decades (or centuries, they say) of experience.
Personality The General is stoic and ordinarily very quiet. Unless it has to do with warfare and strategies. Then he does not shut up. He is calm and collected and logical; but hot blooded, and quick to attack. The General would rather be out there winning the war, than wasting time with these talks of peace. (Ah, no wonder Shy likes him so much).
Ability The General is… human? He is not mortal, and he may look 40 but he has definitely been around for many centuries. The General is fast, and strong, and while he does not seem to have any active magical or psychic abilities, he is definitely some sort of augmented human.
Standing at the Empyrean Stair Court Clutch

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