The Hatching Sands

The hatching sands are empty.


The Vella Crean : A planet that has reconnected with the Nexus. The main city is being rebuilt: there are signs of war and destruction, and so Shy’s projects are busy rebuilding their city, brick by brick. Death Court dragons do occasionally fly by and attack the city, but with the help of allies and Shy’s own projects, they are slowly turning the tide.

Shy: Shy is a tall, slender, rather stunning androgynous man with raven black hair and feline green eyes. He is almost always clothed in cheongsams- and has beautiful, ornamental nails. Shy is petty and vindictive, a geneticist and facilitator at heart. He was a weakness for rare genetics, Sanger men, and Mystic.

Shy’s Projects: Shy’s projects are genetic experiments in various forms. They can be identified by their signature molten gold eyes. They exist throughout the lab- and are open for interaction with visitors and guests. The elite- projects that have distinguished themselves in Shy’s eyes through their abilities or achievements have ‘titles’. (i.e: Monique ‘The Oracle’, Savas ‘The Eyes’, Ishaan ‘The Search Rider’). View a list of active projects.

The Hatching Sands: The Hatching Sands of the Vella Crean have been rebuilt, and are protected by dragons and projects. It is heavily fortified: as if the Scientist has learned his lessons from the Imperial Hatching. Eggs have been buried deep, deep under the sands. How many? No one knows.

The Rules

  1. The Vella Crean accepts candidates as well as sponsors for this clutch.
  2. There are no restrictions to the type of candidate that can be submitted for the Courts, however, Court Dragons do not traditionally multi-bond.
  3. If you are submitting a page, it needs to be online and accessible without registration, and should not be on a site that can be edited by other people.
  4. Please provide a link back to the Vella Crean (
  5. You may provide preferences of what you would like to receive- which we will try to keep in mind. Please provide deal breakers: this we will try to abide by more carefully.
  6. Please complete the below form and send it to Naeodin on discord.

Candidate Form

Name of Character:

Candidate or Sponsor?


Preferences: (Particularly for court or color, please let me know)

Deal Breakers:

Vella Crean Rider Pair Portion

Please complete with any preferences or ideas you may have. From Name, Gender, Background, type of upbringing, personality, preferred court. If you prefer a Project, please let me know! Shy has many in his arsenal.