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The Labs [ Floating Island ]

Yes. It is literally a floating island.
Name The Labs. Shy’s Residence.
Age 10 years ish. Maybe? Some parts of the Labs have existed ever since Shy has been traveling the Nexus.
Appearance In its current form the Lab is a sprawling floating island city, made of equal parts glass and chrome, as well as greenery. Imraan and Whistle’s finest work, there have been additions made ever since the Death Court’s attack. Increased fortification and gollums that have been stylized into towers and archways.
The Lab seems smaller than normal. Not quite the size of Singapore any more, and even humans seem to be able to traverse from one end to the other in a day. Shy suspects the Lab thinks this is a type of camouflage (no, at that size, being smaller does not make you invisible).
The Lab has always been sentient to some extent, and many of the Projects have referred to it in masculine terms (Striga considers the Labs her older brother). But ever since the Death Court attacks, it seems to have gained a stronger personality and preference.
Shy does not quite know what he is expected to do with this: he has offered the Labs an avatar to travel the world in human form, and was vehemently rejected (big is beautiful, according to the Labs).
Personality Shy does not think the Lab was always so cheeky, or have a mind of its own. Shy is sure, that the Lab used to be a quiet and obedient place to live, except when he mentions this outloud Imraan gives him the ‘you’re crazy’ eyes, and Monique can’t stop laughing.
The Lab is helpful: it likes to take care of its people and residents, creating shortcuts from two locations, or new gardens and areas if the residents vocally ask for something. It also likes to show people the way and is a gracious host; lighting up arrows or small flares to direct more lost visitors.
The Lab also has a sense of humour. It likes to throw people who are rude into lakes and rivers, and if someone (who is not a Project) throws a temper tantrum, the Lab has been known to swallow them whole and place them on a strict time out.
The Lab has picked up communicating with others through vocal noises; although sometimes the meaning and intent can be hard to decipher. It likes, for example, to announce its arrival with bells and whistles, and makes sometimes odd noises similar to a whale’s song. Striga claims that this is the Lab’s version of ‘puppy dog eyes’.
Ability It is a sentient floating island.
Refusing to Budge @ Carramba High

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