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Tiskaya [ The Wind ]

“I died, at the Vella Crean.” She did not like remembering the death. The way the blue dragon had killed her. “I survived in the Labs. I don’t want to exist. I want to live.”

Bogdana Kadritskaya
Name Tiskaya
Age Looks 14-15. Current form is less than a year old.
Appearance Tiskaya is small and fine boned, with dark shiny hair that falls to a little under her shoulders, pale skin, and light eyes of a slate blue color. She is pretty and very well put together, preferring slightly flouncier and feminine outfits, especially ones with little details.

Tiskaya is most normally dressed in a pair of shiny black shoes, patterned tights, a full skirted dark dress with a white rounded collar and a short jacket. She treats clothing and accessories as delightful projects: more like someone who has never had the chance to dress up.
Personality Tiskaya is quiet- vocally. She does not speak often, but she is very expressive with her hands and with her expressions, flittering around from person to person, curious about every little interaction. She is friendly, inquisitive, and a little bit too playful. She has never understood boundaries, and continues to have problems understanding that people do not like being poked and prodded for her entertainment.

Tiskaya is incredibly curious: this is the first time she has had a corporal form, and she does not know quite what the limits are. She especially enjoys taste: it is an entirely new sense to her, and she LOVES the combination of salty, sweet, and spicy. Mostly together. Her food preferences are definitely not the norm, but although odd, it is nothing too out of the ordinary either.

Tiskaya is the mix between an incredibly young, naive, and hopeful child, with glimpses of age and defeat. She has been around in some form of another for years- even before Monique. She has existed in multiple forms at the labs and also at the Vella Crean: and she is jaded to the ways of humans and dragon riders.

Tiskaya is looking to exist entirely for herself. She wants to try out the pleasures the other projects are given, and is most curious about the bonding experience with a dragon.
Ability Tiskaya was affectionately known as “the wind”, an incorporal entity that has kept Shy company in the labs, supporting him in his work and also the few times he has stepped out to explore and collect genetic samples himself. She was also left behind on the Vella Crean, to protect Naeodin: that form was destroyed during the Death Court wars, but parts of her memory remain.
She continues to hold power over wind, oftentimes demonstrated as a playful breeze.
Standing at Isla Weyr

The wind looked down at the pale hands that opened and closed slowly. At the arms that were so slight at frail. At the legs that kicked out over the edge of the bed, swinging to and fro.

“What do you think?” Shy’s voice was soft and gentle as he held a mirror towards her face.

The wind stared, two large eyes, a nose, a mouth that opened and closed. The hands reached out to touch the dark hair, the skin- she could feel the movements and pressures.

She smiled.

“I am happy.” She said simply.

Her voice was soft. It would take some getting used to, a different way of expressing her needs and her wants.

“Is this what you really want?” Monique, the Oracle spoke from the corner of the room. What a diminutive child in appearance, but far older and wiser. “To be like us?”

The wind was far too fascinated by the face that stared back at her from the mirror.

“Tiskaya?” Monique prompted again.

Finally, finally, the wind looked over. “I want to try living, the way you try.” She answered. “Touch, taste, talk. Make memories.” She reached out to feel the smooth and polished surface of the mirror, smiled up at Shy who waited patiently. “Enjoy life.” She smiled, felt muscles in her cheek stretch and contract.

What an odd feeling.

Maybe she needed time to get used to this.

“But didn’t you have fun, the way you were?”

Tiskaya looked over at the Oracle who spoke of the future, and for a moment her eyes darkened. A wash of gold under the bright blue shade of her eyes.

“I died, at the Vella Crean.” She did not like remembering the death. The way the blue dragon had killed her. “I survived in the Labs. I don’t want to exist. I want to live.”

Tiskaya tried the smiling thing again, and felt her face adapt and stretch a little bit more.

Practice. She needed more practice.

“I have a new residence, that is being built.” So gentle, her creator’s voice. Always so gentle, as if he was afraid she would break and snap.

But she wouldn’t. She was stronger now.

“You want to send her to Isla?” Monique’s voice was surprised. “What did Sh’an say?”

Shy shrugged. “Sh’an said it would be fine. She is too new, she needs to grow into herself before she can be considered candidate material.”


Tiskaya rifled through her memories. Ah. The people who were not dragonriders yet. Who arrived and stood in front of eggs until an egg hatched.

She knew what a candidate was.

“Do I want to be a candidate?” she asked outloud.

“You want to be one?” Monique asked. She paused. “I won’t look into your future.”

A candidate.

A dragon rider.

A bond that was hers, and hers alone.

Tiskaya smiled. “It sounds.” She said slowly. “Like a good way to live.”  

From the Hatching

The silver, obvious to the green that had been following, stopped and licked Tiskaya’s hand to get her attention. Standing with the wide-eyed curiosity of someone who had not seen much of the world yet, Tiskaya blinked and looked at the silver with wide eyes. “Oh…” she whispered, her mouth forming a perfect ‘o’ as she continued to look at the pretty dragonet that was staring at her adoringly. Then Tiskaya blinked. “Mak..anith?”

Forever and always. I am glad you came.

Tiskaya smiled through the tears that blurred her vision. She didn’t know why she cried but as Makanith’s soul touched hers, sealing the promise that came with Impression, the Wind knelt and hugged the tiny hatchling to her.

Color(s)shimmer silver
Size Classgreen
Suggested Length43′ 4″
Suggested Height8′ 8″
Personality Traitsenergetic, creative
Abilitiestelepathy: can speak using his/her mind onlyteleportation: can travel to a different location instantlytelekinesis: can move objects with their mindassisted fire breath: can breath fire after digesting firestone