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Vaero [ The Lost Heir]

Brogan Ng
Name Vaero Luctus Mors
Age Mid-late 20’s
Appearance Tall and slim, Vaero is thin, with pale skin and serious brown eyes that appear a bit too old for his face. He has the type of face that is too old for his age, always serious and full of thought, as if he believes the weight of the world lies on his shoulders. Vaero is usually dressed in simple, durable leathers, his dark feathered wings held close to his body in almost military precision.
Personality Vaero is quiet and withdrawn, never one to speak first. He had a somewhat rocky childhood and since the Geperna Hatching a the Healing Den, he has mostly kept to himself. He is polite and well mannered though, and knows how to act in polite society. He just prefers to stick to the shadows.
Ability Vaero’s mother is human, his father an old world angel. He does not have any powers, but is lightly telepathic and has a pair of black feathered wings.
Bonded at the Healing Den

Vaero is an old pre-reboot character who is being repaged for chapter two of the Vella Crean shenanigans.

Tldr; Mia’s son with Vaero, her consort who died in the Tris Hathian wars. She went mad with grief, he was cared for mostly by Nae and Shy. After bonding with Gold Geperna Vaneo’Mybl, he trained at the Healing Den and since then has been at Herakles.

Vaero is being re-introduced to the world and picking up a brood at the Empyrean Stair


  • Vaero has spent most of his life on Herakles, and while he has drifted through many wards, currently he considers ward 11 his home. The poorest section of Herakles and the one most easily forgotten, Vaero has settled in quite naturally, and has a little bit of a Robin Hood reputation.
  • You can depend on this gold rider to save the truly downtrodden, and if you lose a family member, well, this winged man with his equally silent bond can often be found searching high and low until they recover your loved one.
  • Vaero has not returned home in over a decade, and he does not feel guilty. Having had spent significant time alone and with his own thoughts, he thinks his understands his mothers madness a little bit more, and has forgiven her (because really, she did not have a choice in how she behaved). While on occasion he wonders how how his family fares, as well as those of Gem and Red, he has largely considered himself separate, and enjoys his life now, as an independent dragonrider.
  • Sometimes though, he gets a little bit lonely, and a sudden shift in traffic, the arrival of new travellers from different corners of the Nexus, has him take notice.
  • The Nexus has reconnected, the new travellers say. Worlds are coming back together, there is a new flurry at Rsylen, and cities lost to time are discoverable again.
  • Vaero never planned to end up at the Empyrean Stair, his goal had been to visit Nidus Ryslen and greet Gem and Red. It had never occured to him to seek out the Vella Crean either. But he and Vaneo were a little rusty at teleporting, and found themselves instead at the Empyrean Stair.
  • It is a bit of a coincidence that he hears of the most interesting project. How odd, that now geneticists and other more magical beings take such deliberate actions in promoting new bloodlines! He remembered hearing of Mooseth and Squirrelth from his time at the Healing Den, and he finds himself a little nostalgic for the old times when the Healing Den was home.
  • Maybe he would schedule a visit to see how Baeris and Kalkin were faring.
  • Vaero doesn’t know quite what to make of this Shan. There is something very eerily familiar about this man, and as he quietly listens to stories of the Opal Court, the Death Court and more, he wonders if maybe duty is calling him to the Vella Crean.
  • He decides to stay at the Empyrean Stair, to pause his travels as he tries to figure out the next steps.