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Name Veleakiz
Age Prime
9’4″ s / 50′ l / 60′ ws (at adulthood)
Colors: body silver shiny metallic; wings indigo fading to white at edges; gold horns/crest; white claws; gold eyes
Features: combination hide/belly armor; conical horns; ridged face; spiked crest; back spikes; tail spikes; wings have claws (These are all variables for the clutch that may look different for others in it)
Charismatic, a little bit of a lone wolf, Veleakiz enjoys traveling the Nexus looking for his next adventure, and has no qualms about sharing his knowledge or his experience as a Nexus traveller. He’s a little bit like the very indulgent god parent, coming into your life in an exploding shower of sprinkles and confetti and presents!! but not very useful when it comes to things like discipline and training and homework.
Abilities: (1 = weak, 6= very strong) 6 Telepathy, Local teleport; 5 Dark Spark breath; 4 verbal speech; 3 long distance teleport; 2 Temporal teleport; 1 unassisted firebreath, bonding (no bond is required for this dragon at this level)

Veleakiz has fallen in with Namiya and her space pirates. He finds the young and somewhat naively optimistic dragonrider amusing and adorable, and can’t shake off the worry that she is going to get herself (and her crew) in trouble with her idealistic plans. He’s here to make sure that they stay on track and remain somewhat protected. Besides, it feels pretty great to have dragons and humans gaze at him with awe as he shares tales of his past exploits.