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The Vella Crean

Inspired by HD Wallpaper

The Beginning

The Vella Crean initial began as “Istabitha’s Weyr” on Pern. As the planet opened up to different worlds and inhabitants of the Nexus, then Weyrwoman Naeodin and Search Rider B’nir made the decision to also take Istabitha’s off world and create a new home for their dragonriders.

The Vella Crean refers to both the world, and the only city on the planet.

It is a thriving, self sustaining city of dragon riders, open to the Nexus as a port as well as a central trading hub.

The world itself was uninhabited, capable of sustaining life but with very limited natural flora or fauna: what exists on the Vella Crean was imported and introduced from other worlds. First, by the careful planning of lead geneticist Shy and his team, second, but the entrepreneurial residents and citizens of the Vella Crean.

The Planet

The Vella Crean is a small planet, the main landmass home to the city of Vella Crean, with several other islands and small sized land masses scattered across the planet. The majority of the planet is very temperate and mild- four seasons, but nothing too extreme. To the south there is a small tropical strip of islands, and at the polar ends, ice.

The Vella Crean had very little indigenous life before the settlers: it has, since then become an amalgamation of carefully introduced flora, fauna, and wildlife: what you see is the work of some of Shy’s top projects. A unique hybrid environment with multiple creatures and plants from across the Nexus, naturalized to the new habitat.

The City

The Vella Crean (the city) is home to almost all the residents of the planet. It is self sustaining, but still considered a booming trade hub due to its location in the Nexus, unique natural wildlife, and of course, Shy’s labs.

The city is ruled by an Empress- Naeodin and Sr. Queen Sasiath. She holds ultimate power over the city and planet, and is considered ‘the Mother’ of the Crean.

The Empress is advised by a council, primarily made of three Courts: The Light, home of the Light Court and more traditional Pernese dragons, the Dark, home of the Dark Court and the bulk of the hydra population, and the Blood, home to the Blood Court and dragons who had chosen not to side with either the Light or the Dark.