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Ait’ Rao-taj [ Sentinal ]

Jeenu Mahadevan
Name Ait’ Rao-taj
Age Early Prime
Appearance Ait’ Rao-taj is a very pretty face. Soulful brown eyes, a strong nose, fierce eyebrows. He is pleasing to look at, especially when he is dressed in formalwear, with his hair slicked back from his face. Ait’ Rao-taj is a very pretty face, and he knows it. Because he is the product of careful genetic selection, and generations of hard work.
Rao wears a golden earring that is stylized in the same manner as Ait’ Pillar-taj’s headpiece. He is her sentinal (although some might say he is nothing more than a mascot), and he takes care to always show his affiliation to his matriarch.
Personality Rao is young. He does not have the same sense of independence and curiosity that spurs others his age to explore the Nexus (or other dimensions) on their own, and much prefers to stay close to home, under the careful eye of the matriarchs. He is a strong believer in family and loyalty, and prefers to do it from the hearth.
Ability Rao is a long lived Taj nomad, with superior strength and intellect, and the affinity for genetic manipulation.
Accompanying Ait’ Pillar-taj to the Checkerboard Ball

The Rumours

  • Rao knew of the rumours and stories that filtered through the Nexus
  • A geneticist, pretty and vain, who created and modified dragons. One of many geneticists, because this Nexus seemed to have more than its fair share of talented individuals able to splice and craft creatures together.
  • This one was special, petty, vain, drunk on power (or so the rumours said), protected by one of the Empresses who claimed dominion over an entire planet. It was odd: an Empress with no empire in a world that rarely seemed to see battles or war.
  • Rao was young for a Taj nomad, he still went by his true name, but even he thought that this ‘Nexus’ was an idyllic construct.
  • The rumours of the geneticist he had tracked down whispered of dragons and people. Beautiful, gifted forms that the geneticist created from scratch, all marked with molten gold eyes.
  • A very specific, very brilliant hue that he was still waiting to verify.
  • “Do you think he knows us?” Kara asked him, her eyes speculative. “That he has heard of us? It would not be uncommon, although we are not so prevalent in the Nexus.”
  • “Not yet. Things might change.” Haro interjected. She always knew best, knew what the Matriarchs were planning. “It would be interesting to source one of the creatures he has created, to see for ourselves what this molten gold shade looks like.”
  • “You mean kidnap?” Kara asked.
  • An exasperated sigh. “Don’t be so uncouth.”
  • Rao listened with half a ear, because he had far more pressing things on his mind.

The Invitation

  • One of the Matriarch’s planned to attend the Checkerboard Ball. A gathering of elite individuals pulled in from across the Nexus (and beyond).
  • Rao was curious, so curious. “Have you heard the rumours?” he asked Ait’Pillar-taj who seemed amused.
  • “Of?” she asked.
  • “There are stories of a man who meddles, who creates and plays with life as if he is god.” Rao made it his business to track down all the geneticists in the Nexus, to figure out if some were long lost Taj clansmen, or if they had to potential to become home.
  • The Taj clan was intricate and everyreaching.
  • “He has a vain and unnecessary signature.” he added. “Eyes, all of his creations have eyes of molten gold.”
  • Rao had not managed to track down photos, but he was close. He knew if he attended this Checkerboard ball he would be able to know for sure.
  • His Matriarch’s gaze was cool, assessing.
  • “Pack your bags.” she answered. “We leave tomorrow.”

The Plan

  • Ait’ Rao-taj has a plan. To find out more about these odd creatures with molten gold eyes, and to see if they mimic the same color as the clansmen. He wants to find this person, this strange little vain man who thinks of himself as a god.