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Ait’Damya-Taj [Nomad]

Jihye Park
Name Ait’Damya-Taj
Age Young. Mid 20’s
Appearance Ait’Damya-Taj is a colorful nomad. She loves to wear clothing from fabric she has sourced on her travels, from exotic silks to linen hand woven from a wide range of different materials. She has pale skin and straight, dark hair that she wears usually in two plaits, braided through with trinkets and ribbons from her travels. When one thinks “traveling nomad”, Ait’Damya-Taj fits the mold albeit in a very colorful way.
Personality Ait’Damya-Taj is a curious and inquisitive soul who likes to ask questions and find out more about the worlds around her. She enjoys meeting new people and is polite and sweet natured, driven by her desires to explore as much of the Nexus as possible. To an extent, she is also a little naive, always wanting to believe in the best of the people around her. Some times her older cousins have chided her in her naivity — and that it can be quite dangerous for her to travel alone.
Ability Ait’Damya-Taj has no special abilities per se, but she is a very gifted weaver, able to turn the oddest plants and materials into soft woven fabric.
Standing at Isla Weyr

The Taj tribe are nomadic, not quite immortal travellers who are dispersed through the Nexus as well as other pocket dimensions. They are humanoid, hard to kill, and a little bit stronger, faster, and smarter than the average mortal. They are gifted in genetic manipulation, although skills can vary from individuals. Some possess minor healing, while others are capable of seeing and altering DNA at a genetic level. All Taj tribesmen are bound by a slightly obscure code of ethics where they do not meddle with the lives of individuals, but are eager to seek out new “opportunities” to add to their data banks. It is not about creation, but collection.

The Taj tribe also have an odd genetic quirk that is dominant in all tribesmen: in the right light, their hair appears molten gold.

All Taj tribesmen follow the same naming convention: Ait’ [True Name]-taj. Matriarchs who lead the tribe have true names and also namesakes, mostly after personality traits or features. Ait’ Pillar-taj’s namesake is Pillar, due to her role in society. (They are not the most creative when it comes to namesakes).

Spoiler: Yes, that very specific shade of molten gold.

Nae’s short plan for this Nomad

  • Ait’Damya-Taj is one of the more social and communal nomads, who always knows off hand where her cousins are located. She travels alone but rarely remains alone for long periods of time, preferring to plan her path so that she can meet her cousins along the way.
  • She is a very independent sort, and is particularly skilled at crafting new and exotic fabric to supplement her journey. She loves to find a way to use the knowledge she has in weaving textiles and testing out local plants and dyes. 
  • Of all the Nomads, perhaps because Ait’Damya-Taj always has her hair wrapped up in accessories, she is the one who is least likely to give away her roots as an Ait-Taj nomad. There is just not enough hair visible for it to glint molten gold. 
  • Ait’Damya-Taj’s arrival at Isla Weyr is entirely an accident. She has not found much in the form of entertainment from other Pernese worlds, but this one feels a little different. There are necromancers who are search riders by day, and someone who has returned from the dead? She finds this world interesting, and wants to know more about these highly unusual players.
  • When people ask her where she is from, she answers “around the Nexus” and when they ask for her name she simply answers. “Damya.”
  • Damya does not know the history between Shy and her people. She was born after the fact, and her interest has never been in the past, only the present and the future. She will never run into Shy at this event, not directly. There are over 140 eggs! And everyone knows this means at least 140 dragons.