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Al Ain [ The Child ]

Name Al Ain
Age Very young. Obvious fledgling.
Appearance Al Ain is a small dragon, perfect to squeeze into smaller spaces and to execute fast tricks in the air. She has glossy black hide with a sheen she is particularly proud of, and it works wonders in helping her fly at night; Al Ain is never more than a speck or a dark cloud when she is in her element. She is smooth, with a spaded tail and dapples across her back, but no horns or spikes on her body. She finds the Queen’s ornaments quite lovely, and likes to ask “when she will receive hers”.
Personality Ain is bright, curious, a little puppy of a dragon who finds this world quite exciting. She is loyal and devout and very passionate; about following Shy. (Ari suspects this isn’t just happenstance, but what can you do?) She channels this devout loyalty and devotion in trying to prove herself and be the best. The best hatchling, the best project, the best spy.
Ability Ain might have fire breath and fire balls, but she is still a bit too young, and the most she can do is burp out little fizzles of smoke.
Standing at the Death Court

Death Court Candidate Story

Bonded:Al Ain
Colour:Biohazard green
Parents:Nax’im and Asimath
Personality:Excitable, Well-mannered and Instinctive

Death Court Hatching

At the same time that tremors of unease ran through a few of the attendants, the eye-burning hatchling made her way toward the candidates with a skip in her step. She stumbled repeatedly, once landing on her chin, but this did not seem to deter her good mood. Halfway there, a sleek, glossy shadow broke from the ranks and bounded forward. Screaming green and shining black came together in a squealing dust cloud, bouncing and hopping around each other.

::Al Ain, Al, Ainy! Oh! Ainy Ainy Ainy! That’s my favourite,:: the hatchling squealed.

::Chilenth, Chilly… Hah! Chilly Chil! That’s what I’ll call you,:: Al Ain replied. Together they bounded off, skirting around the edges of the gathered crowd in a game of tag.