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Amil [ Trader ]

Our family needs to reclaim our dominance. Being dragon riders, calling different worlds home and allying ourselves with networks; that is our we will win.

Adarsh Jaikarran
Name Amil
Age Early 20’s
Appearance Amil is tall and slender, more bones than muscle, with a slightly brittle and fragile quality to his appearance. He looks as if a gust of wind would snap him into two: and a harsh word would bruise his skin.
Amil has dark skin, dark hair, and dark eyes. He enjoys dressing in lush, luxurious fabrics but shys away from anything that is too shiny or ostentatious; Amil just likes the way certain materials feel against his skin.
With short hair that is normally worn at a respectable length, and eyes that are full of amusement, Amil seems to be laughing at you, rather than with you.
Personality Despite his frail appearance, Amil is strong and hardy; he has to be, with the number of tempermental and strong willed siblings. Able to give as good as he gets, he is not one to lead the clan or strike out on his own, but he will not back down from a fight.
Amil is loyal to the Family; to his sister, and to his numerous siblings. He has never had to make a decision between his own interests and that of the family, but strongly suspects even in that case, he would most probably choose the family.
Ability Amil is entirely human.
Standing at the Benden Weyr

“You’d like for me to do what?”

Amil looked up from his ledgers, carefully placing the pen on the table as he leaned back. Samra smiled beatifically from her seat as she crossed and uncrossed her legs.

“Go impress a dragon.” she answered, as if it was a minor request, something easily attainable.

Amil slipped a bookmark between the pages and closed the ledger, opening a drawer and carefully placing it inside. He closed the drawer, locked it with a key, and took the time to carefully organize his thoughts.


He looked up and caught the nonplussed expression that flittered across his sister’s face.

“Why?” she repeated.

“Why? We’ve lived on the Vella Crean for years. You’ve never felt the urge to have us bond a dragon, even with the wars, even when we might have been able to fortify the ranks and win battles.” He found himself crossing his arms and deliberately stopped, placing them by his side instead, dropping his hands and folding them carefully on top of the table. Amil leaned forwards. “Why do you want ME to impress a dragon now?”

Samra smiled. Arrogant. Charismatic. She copied his movements, uncrossing her legs and placing her hands on top of her knees.

“Because it is different now.” she leaned forwards. “Amil, we did not need dragons before the Vella Crean closed because our network was strong enough we could hire dragonriders. The wars-” she waved a hand. “I will not lose my family to a stupid war caused by a stupid blue dragon. If we succeed, we would become soldiers, generals. But for what purpose? To continue fighting in a war? To have our brothers and sisters die? No.”

“But now-“

“But now it is different. We have connected to the world, we have lost our network of allies and business partners. We’ve been absent for 10 years. Ten. Years. Our family needs to reclaim our dominance. Being dragon riders, calling different worlds home and allying ourselves with networks; that is our we will win.”

Amil looked around him with a somewhat harassed expression. A Weyr. Dragonriders. No wifi. No robots. No golden eyed projects to do his bidding.

No, that wasn’t fair. There were a few golden eyed projects, but these were high ranking projects, here to forge connections and foster relations.

With a sigh, Amil headed towards the candidate barracks.

He would, maybe, try to do his sister proud.

Female  ⭒  45′ 1″ L    ⭒  9′  H