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Ari [ The Aide ]

“Sir, you need to sit down.”
Shy stilled.
He turned, slowly. His eyes fastened on the tall and slim aide who despite the late hour had managed to change into a form fitting silk suit.
Sit. Down?
His aide never told him to sit down.
His aide always took him to see results.

Name Ari
Age Young Looking. But feels old. And so tired of all this BS.
Ari is tall and slender, with shoulder length brown hair that curls softly, always worn away from her face in a low bun. She has sharp features and large gray eyes that are cold and distant. Professional, somewhat amused, and never, never relaxed.

Ari is almost always dressed in a silk suit of some sort. Trousers, skirts, it does not matter, but it is a uniform. A matching blazer and a fitted bottom, a camisole shell or bodice of some sort. She wears the type of clothing that is professional, but not dowdy. Never crossing the line, and always in beautiful shades to complement her coloring.

Ari is stiff. She is formal. She does not relax and she does not take kindly to people making jokes of her professionalism. She holds herself apart from the rest of the projects and tends to think of herself as better. She is also harried, always under pressure and always under too many deadlines. It shows in the way she holds herself, the way she taps her feet and almost always has her tablet devices open to multiple tasks.
Ari is a reserved young woman who is devoted to her work and incredibly professional. She is a stickler for the rules and decorum, and will always do plenty of research to ensure she does not make any mistakes.

She has been around long enough that she considers the rest of the projects as children: creatures to be nanny’ed, except for the few who have proved themselves worthy. She has a very dry sense of humor and is of the few who will poke fun at Shy and also give him some attitude. But she means it in jest, and only in private: she would never cut him down in public or have him lose face.

Ari enjoys her work, she enjoys representing the Labs and being involved in the grand scheme of things. She is ambitious, and she is very, very proud of the people she represents.
Ari has no specific talent of her own. Or at least, she has augmented abilities that seem almost human. Ari has a photographic memory and very high intelligence, an uncanny ability to organize and make relationships, to network. She is prolific at making lists, detailed notes, and creating how to guides to get things done.
Ari is a strong telepath and teleporter – because it helps get the job done.
Standing at the Location

Appearances in other stories before her candidacy

Harried and stressed at the Refugium, as Shy plans on opening an embassy with Savas

Drinking hot chocolate on the rooftop of the labs with Imraan, informing the architect they have a new project

Handling paperwork at the lab, sending Aki off to Dawn Watch as an emissary

Handling more paperwork at the lab, sending Hvar and the Raptor Queens off to Dawn Watch

Maybe involved, maybe not, with Nalia the human steward who seems far too capable for a human

Escorting Shy at the Checkerboard Ball

  • This was not a good idea.
  • Ari knew this, recognized it as a feeling in the pit of her gut, the tension that beat in warning against her skin. The Scientist was out of control, trying to prove his worth to the Nexus; and bringing him here, to the heart of it all, with so many other geneticists and creatures of strengths and and– Sangers?
  • This was not a good idea.
  • Ari’s hair was perfectly coiffed as always, and she had traded her standard silk sheath to a flow length gown in black and white, with just a touch of molten gold.
  • Nalia had approved; Ari had seen the warm glow in her eyes, and had told herself that it didn’t matter.
  • Who cared if a human approved her dress choice? That was not why she had hand selected the fabric and had requested Sabine’s services for a last minute dress.
  • Definitely not.
  • “My dear, you look beautiful as always.” Shy simpered, and Ari narrowed her eyes.
  • It was never a good sign when Shy was simpering.
  • The aide glanced towards the party from the Vella Crean; the empress with her ever faithful Steward and his daughter, the cleric who seemed to have wiggled his way into the heart of many of the leadership (there may be side bets within the Labs as Projects wondered how long it would take for the Scientist to piss off Mia), and the retinue from the Labs.
  • “What about me daddy?” Striga asked, her voice such a pleasant contralto that even Ari found herself turning with a small smile towards the daughter.
  • “People will remember you.” Shy answered, his tone light and amused.
  • The smallest of frowns appeared between Striga’s brows, but it quickly smoothed away. “That is how it should be.” she responded.
  • “Shall we go?” Ari should not have been so aware of the soft spoken Steward in training- but the Aide caught the words Nalia murmured to her father, watched as the older man nodded, positioning himself besides the Empress.
  • It was only because she was staring so intently that she caught that quick glance, the amusement in her eyes and the slight quirk of her lips.
  • “Behave, Shy.” Ari warned her Scientist. “We cannot afford to lose the few friends we have.”
  • The Aide did not like the playful smirk that flittered across the Scientist’s face.