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Aria [ The Light ]

Carmen Solomons
Name Aria
Age Prime
Appearance Aria is tall and statuesque, with pale skin that seems to glow (sometimes literally), and masses of curling hair that glints in the sunlight. She is stunning, in a very earthy, human sort of way, and has a bright, expressive face doesn’t do a very good job at hiding emotions.
Aria is a light elemental who, other than Kotor seems to be most at home in her humanoid form. Her eyes are the signature molten gold of Shy’s creations, and when they are not, they are a pale, unassuming shade of gray not too different from Ari’s.
Personality Aria is bright, effervescent, and curious about the world. She is not as naive and innocent as Tiskaya, or as dark and sullen as Kotor. She seems, if human is the right word, the most human out of all the elementals. She is charismatic, a little bit bossy, and a natural leader. Aria also enjoys order, not chaos, and is very, very good at keeping other Projects in line.
No wonder Ari enjoys her company so much.
Ability Aria is a light elemental. It is not ‘sunlight’ or ‘fire’ or ‘moonlight’ that she commands, but light itself. Sometimes, when she is in a playful mood she likes to play with light beams, slanting them a certain way to create rainbows or little sunspots. She enjoys shinies, and although when especially cross she might use her talents as weapons, Aria mostly prefers to use her strengths for decorative purposes.
Attending the Checkerboard Ball

The Summary

  • Ari is not sure when Shy made Aria — definitely some time after the Vella Crean closed. She was a quiet little thing in the beginning, content in creating lightshows and illusions for younger Projects, herding some of the slightly less sentient ones about. Until the Death Court gatecrashed the Imperial Court hatching.
  • Since then (and Ari’s not sure why — was Aria miffed that Striga was hurt? That Shy’s day was ruined? She does not think it is something as fanatically loyal), Aria has been a prominent figure and voice amongst the other Projects. One of the stronger Projects who is somehow able to keep the others in line.
  • Of course Ari would invite her to attend the Checkerboard ball.
  • She needs someone to keep Striga in line (no you may not take home one of the guests as a pet), as well as Shy (have you not learned your lesson yet?). Ari is quietly certain that the Death Court will make an appearance, and she does not want a similar fiasco to happen like the last time.
  • Aria is under strict orders: if there is trouble, creating masterful illusions and protect the family.