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Aya [ Lost Child ]

I found her on pinterest
Name Aya
Age 8-9 we think?
Appearance Aya is very small for her age, and her diminutive stature will remain unchanged even as she grows up. She will always be slightly smaller than average for her age group. Aya has dusky skin and dark hair that is just slightly curly, with pale brown eyes just a hair on the human side of brown.
Personality Aya is very quiet and withdrawn. No one knows if her inward facing, contemplative personality is her true one, or one brought on by circumstance. She likes to listen and observe, taking in much more of the subtleties and nuances of human interaction than most children her age, and is very careful to make sure that someone always know where she is.
Ability Aya is human, for all intents and purposes.
Silently eyeing the Antirr and Antirraperna

Continued from Cha’an’s story

Who invited the children?

  • Aya does not know life before the Death Court wars. Some of the older children talk about it, but it does not sound like it was a better place. Before the death and the blue fire, there was madness in the air and pain. Courts that did not fight side by side, and so much trouble. 
  • All Aya knows is death, and pain, and blue fire. Loved ones who promise to return and come back for her, only to disappear forever.
  • There was so much chaos and mayhem the first few years of the Death Court wars, no one is quite sure where Aya is from. They think her parents may have been dragonriders who died in the first waves of blue fire. Or maybe they are residents of the Vella Crean, who thought the Courts would be a safer place for a baby. 
  • Once the Scientist returned and the golden eyed Projects maintained peace over the city, some small part of Aya had wondered if her parents would return. She spun stories and daydreams, of dragonriders who had been fighting too far from the city to protect her. Heroes who had left her to protect her, but loved her very much.
  • Except no one returned. 
  • No one came back for Aya. 
  • The little child bonded to some of the Lost Riders. The adults who had so much pain in their eyes. Aya was too young to understand fully the nuances of a dragon repudiating their bond, but she saw pain and identified with it. 
  • Aya was in pain. 
  • When she heard that some of her people were going to leave, to visit a new world, Aya broke down. 
  • “You’’ll leave me and never return.” She cried. “Just like everyone else.”
  • She was not the only Lost Child to feel this way, although maybe she wast the most vocal. But it was the numerous pleas of children who had gone through quite enough, terrified at the thought of losing their guardians, that swayed Leadership.
  • “Maybe some of the children can come along.” Ourai allowed. “We will protect them.”