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Bitte [Selfish McGreedypants]

Luca Hollestelle
Name Bitte
Age 25-26
Appearance Bitte is average height, average weight, and quite compact. She is strong and spry (the perfect physique to be a dragonrider, she claims) with shoulder length red hair and freckles, bright expressive brown eyes and a face that always seems to give away her emotions.
She is normally dressed in strong, durable trousers, and strong, durable tops. Bitte is often getting herself into trouble, so strong, durable clothing is more of a necessity than a fashion choice. When she’s running away from trouble or trying to hid in dark shadows, she needs her clothing to help camouflage her, not give her away.
Personality Bitte is bright, optimistic, and cheery. She is inherently a kind and good person, loyal to her family and her friends. She’s just incredibly, disastrously stubborn, and doesn’t seem to understand how to take no for an answer. Bitte is also extremely possessive and somewhat greedy. She is obsessively passionate about becoming a dragonrider, and she won’t let anyone stand in her way.
Ability Bitte is entirely human
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The bulletpoints that will have to do because Nae has forgotten how to story

The stubborn girl from Pern

  • Bitte was no stranger to disappointment or the harsh realities of life. Her parents were simple farmers who worked the fields, beholden to the Lord Holder who they dutifully paid tithes to. The wide range of siblings she had ran the gamut. Strong brothers who worked the fields with their father, sisters who had gone off to join various craft halls, seeking better opportunities and stability. Bitte did not have the patience for Weavercraft or the skills for Harpercraft, besides, she had a dream, her own dream on what she wanted to do. 
  • Bitte wanted to become a dragon rider. 
  • Did it deter her that no one in her family (from her mothers mother to her fathers grandfather) had ever impressed a dragon, let alone been searched? No. Every time one of the search riders flew over the skies or visited the nearby village Bitte would be waiting with bated breath and hope high in her heart, only to be looked over. 
  • It did not deter her. Maybe the search riders didn’t know what they were looking for. Maybe her dragon was not on the sands yet.
  • Did it deter her when she spent all her savings and ran off to attend every hatching at the nearby Weyr, hoping against hope that one of the hatchlings on the sands would seek her out, that she would be a rare stands impression, and not a single hatchling looked her way?
  • Maybe it hurt a little bit (the beating she received for squandering her small savings was definitely painful) but Bitte knew that one day she would become a dragon rider.
  • To make her dream a reality (and to avoid the exasperated glances and scoldings from her parents) Bitte moved to the nearby Weyr. She was strong, smart, and fast — she spent her days scurrying around running errands for whoever looked her way, listening when she could do the candidate lessons. She learned the different ways you could oil a dragon and holster a harness, the perils of thread and flight formations used by the various wings. She listened entranced, always on the outside looking in, watching as candidates came and impressed, becoming dragon riders or aging out. 
  • Bitte always watched as the candidates were taken to touch the eggs. As they whispered reverently and spoke to hatchlings not quite ready to emerge, and saw patterns. Wasn’t it interesting that most of the time, the dragon rider pair was a candidate and a dragon who met at the egg touching? Sure there were the odd and unusual exceptions, the stands impressions and the candidates who were searched just as the first egg cracked. 
  • Maybe, just maybe, Bitte thought, she needed to touch the eggs. Maybe if she touched enough eggs, her dragon would recognize her. 

The day the stubborn girl tries to sneak onto the sands

  • It seemed an easy enough task on paper. Try to sneak onto the sands when the riders were busy and the dam alone. Surely a brooding dam would be sympathetic to her plight, would view her with a favourable light. 
  • The night was dark and Bitte had watched the dragon rider leave the sands, muttering something about getting a candle marks worth of sleep. Bitte was slow and careful with her actions, taking care not to skulk and scare the dam. 
  • “You could lose your head.” A quiet voice commented behind her. Bitte suppressed a yelp, spinning around to find a young woman (she could not be much older than her) with eyes that glowed in the darkness. 
  • “In all the Perns that I have visited, in no version was it acceptable for a candidate to try to sneak onto the sands. Ever.” The woman’s voice was cool and soft, barely breaking the peace of the night. 
  • “In all the Perns?” Bitte quickly forgot how much trouble she was in at the words. 
  • The woman with the eyes that glowed in the night was Erinas Jariane- she was not from this Pern (in fact the woman claimed not to be from a Pern at all, but from a place called the Nexus). She claimed to be on a top secret mission searching for lineage and candidates that would fare well with clutches in alternate dimensions. 
  • Bitte admitted to her that she was not a candidate. That she was probably the most opposite of a candidate (how many times could someone be rejected by search riders and dragons?) and that she was here with a brilliant idea—
  • “A brilliantly moronic idea.” Erinas interjected. “You’re quite the Selfish McGreedypants, aren’t you?”
  • Bitte knew what the words meant individually, but she had never heard it combined in such a way before. 
  • (Bitte decided that she did not quite mind it). 
  • “What have I got to lose?” Bitte argued. One day, a dragon would recognize her. She would find the right one. 
  • “Maybe,” Erinas’ words were soft and cool, and gentle. “Maybe there is no right one.”
  • Bitte refused to believe this. 

The day the stubborn girl gets the hint

  • Bitte and Erinas struck up a strong friendship. The nightmourner continued to visit this reality of Pern and bring back stories of other worlds of the Nexus. She shared fantastical stories of a scientist and a lab, and a new friend who wanted to explore the world. 
  • Sometimes Erinas would lightly ask if Bitte would like to come away with her. Travel the Nexus and see the worlds. But Bitte continued to refuse, saying that one day her dragon would recognize her and she would be a dragon rider. Maybe then, when she had her own dragon they could travel together.
  • Turns passed. Bitte continued to hope quietly in her heard that a new search rider would recognize her potential or a dragon would hatch from the sands, crying for her. But time continued to pass, and not a single rainbow hued pair of eyes turned her way.
  • “Maybe,” Erin’s speculated. “Your dragon is not on this Pern.” 
  • The hope that had carried Bitte through almost 9 turns at the Weyr fractured a little bit. “I have aged out, as an official candidate.” Not that Bitte had ever been officially searched.  
  • “There are other worlds where the requirements are only if a candidate can physically care for a dragon.” Erinas answered kindly. “Would you like to visit them?”
  • Bitte did not know.
  • “Maybe I am not supposed to be a candidate.” She answered. “Maybe I am not supposed to be a dragon rider.”
  • The words she whispered fractured the hope in her heart, and her old friend did not seem happy. The night glow eyes glowered, and for a moment the tall and dark haired female Bitte recognized as her friend vanished, and in her stead stood a tall and magnificent…
  • “I don’t think you’re a dragon.” Bitte remarked. A dragon did not have such furry legs or horns, or feathers that took the place of wings.
  • Erinas snorted. “I am a type of dragon. Do you think all dragons look like your Pernese ones, with head knobs and one pair of wings?” Erin’s rustled the tall feathers that glowed with bioluminescence. “You, Selfish McGreedypants are never supposed to lose hope. I came here hoping for more stories and plans you have, only to find you moping and sulking. There is no time for ‘woe is me’, we will find you your dragon.”

The oddest party that arrived at the Flurry

  • The day the eggs were clutched, at Nidus Rylsne, Perdeth was just a little bit unhappy that her close friend was late.
  • :;And where have you been?:: Perderth groused, reaching out with her mind. 
  • ::Bringing you candidates:: Erinas shot back just as playfully. ::Do you know how hard it is to teleport in an entire herd of raptors?::
  • Cries of objections met her playful words. ::We could not miss the hatchings of our nieces and nephews!:: the raptor queens called out in protest.
  • ::I… don’t think you really understand what that term means:: 
  • ::Hvarsk is Ousk’s family:: answered Frou ::his babies are family::
  • ::Nieces and nephews:: Dou supplied helpfully, in case the white dam could not connect the dots.
  • Perdeth snorted as she rolled one egg over gently onto its side. ::Did you find good candidates? The very best?:: the young white mother worried a little bit that her brood would be too Pernese, seeking the minds of candidates and not finding their intended. ::My children deserve the very best:: 
  • Another white snickered. ::All of ours do, don’t be selfish::
  • ::I brought one girl, who you might like. She doesn’t smell like a candidate though:: Erinas did not have to worry about her friend who had immediately headed off to find the Nidus equivalent of a headwoman, confident in her abilities to blend in with the residents of the Nidus. ::She is a hopeful little thing::
  • ::If she doesn’t smell like a candidate…:: 
  • ::There will be other chances. Maybe some of the children will not want to bond. Then she will take care of them.:: 
  • ::We will!: The raptor queens cried out. ::We will take care of them. They will be family::