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Caprice [ LochNex ]

Name Caprice
Age Young
Proportions: 30% neck, 30% body, 40% tail. Their height from keel to shoulder is 1/8th their length.
A soft, dappled shade of green gray that lets Caprice blend in seamlessly in rivers and shallow lakes.
Inquisitive and carefree, Caprice isn’t sure how she made her way to Lantessama Isle but she has settled into the lake near Nekrat Bay, and has made quite a home for herself. Caprice is a very social little LochNexian, and enjoys spending her times swimming up and down any available inlet or river she can find, and make new friends.
Ability High Intelligence, Extra large lung capacity, Musical vocalizations and perfect pitch.
From East Rock Territory

Nae’s LochNexian who finds herself at Lantessama Isle

  • Caprice grew up as one of the most social LochNexians, enjoying building friendships with both her clutchmates as well as other aquatic creatures that lived near East Rock Territory. When she was a fledgling, the fabrics of the Nexus twisted and she found herself swimming up river only to end up in an ocean not too far from the Dome.
  • Venis and her Wheke Ika took the young and capricious fledgling under their care until she was a young adult, and the fabrics of the Nexus twisted again and the little LochNexian found herself in unfamiliar waters once again.
  • The little LochNexian continues to take these new adventures in stride– how delightful, and what a great way to make new friends! She likes to sing happy and cheerful tunes to keep herself entertained, and as she explored her new home with its gentle and warm waters, she found herself swimming with nekrats.
  • The littlest nekrats are her favorite swimming companions, able to swim across the smaller rivers and lakes with ease. She finds their companionship pleasant, and their use of verbal speech amusing.
  • The LochNexian finds she can communicate plenty well with her music, what need does she have for speech?
  • Caprice has decided that this place will do quite nicely, so she has settled into its deep waters, keeping an eye on the little nekrat kittens.

Caprice is keeping a close eye on Pond Beroul and her kittens at Lantessama Isle.