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Captcha [Project]

Name Captcha
Age Young
Appearance Captcha is a stunning woman, but then as a Project Shy would not create anything less. She is tall and lean with pale, ivory skin, dark eyes that rarely flash molten gold and long raven hair that looks a little bit too similar to the Scientist’s. When left to her own devices Captcha likes to wear simple, dark colored clothing. Outfits that are fitted and not too flashy, and obviously very comfortable. She does not particularly like to dress up and is often in soft and practical clothing, which despairs the Scientist to no end.
Personality Captcha is a no nonsense, diplomatic Project who is friendly and personable but doesn’t really try to get out of her way to make friends. She is here on assignment, and she will be polite and good natured about it. She doesn’t like to cause trouble and can mostly be found by herself, or looking into new research topics.
Ability Captcha is not a titled Project, which means that she has not demonstrated true mastery over her abilities yet. Shy’s not very good with tech-centric Projects though, so it might be his problem, not hers. Captcha’s ability functions a little bit like wifi, and magic, jumbled into one network system that allows for intra-Nexus communications. She’s here to identify if there is a way that Laedrys Trix and the Vella Crean’s Council could communicate more easily.
Standing at Lantessama Isle

Another story by Nae who cannot brain writing

  • Captcha had always been an idea in Shy’s head. Maybe she had existed from before the Vella Crean, but he particularly realized how necessary someone of Captcha’s ability would be when the Nexus returned. There were plenty of technology specialists who could build him something similar to what Captcha is supposed to be, but at the end of the day the Scientist was a vain man who liked the personal touch, and Captcha was born.
  • He had not decided what her ranked title would be, once she mastered her abilities. The Connector? Sounded too old fashioned and silly, The Spark was already taken. Maybe the reason she did not have a Titled Rank was because Shy had not come up with the right name for her.
  • Because there was nothing about Captcha that was unfinished or uncertain. She seemed a natural with her abilities, and while sometimes some connections were a little bit more challenging than others, it really had less to do with what she was capable of, and more to do with what the worlds wanted in the first place.
  • So many of the old world Pern Weyrs refused truly advanced technological connections. They did not want holograms or even flat screens — which made the aesthetics just that harder to formulate. Captcha had no problem creating two laptops that could communicate with each other across parallel worlds and timezones, but to try to duplicate that with pen and parchment? 
  • It took a little bit more creativity than Captcha had been created for. 
  • “What do you do?” People would ask, and she would explain that she was a facilitator of sorts. She helped people who should not really communicate together, communicate. Across the Nexus, under and over timezones. She helped build a bridge that allowed an old World Pernese dragon rider to exchange life feed video data with a space traveller. 
  • She went about her task quietly, always followed by another project or two. Maybe a pigeon, who just liked to keep her company. She did not mind being sent out across the Nexus. It let her travel, build connections, and sometimes learn something new.
  • The Project especially loved being surrounded by the creative types. Artists who could give her ideas and inspiration on how to better integrate screens and consoles into seamless and natural looking fixtures. 
  • When Captcha was asked to head to Lantessama Isle, she did not quite at first understand. 
  • “Don’t we already communicate with them?” She asked, surprised. Laedrys Trix had been invited often enough times to hatchings at the Vella Crean. Didn’t one or two of their residents live part time at the Labs?
  • They did, the Scientist confirmed. But he just wanted to make things a little smoother, a little faster. “It’s for the council, to communicate.” He said, although what he really meant was: he wanted to keep a closer eye on Ghita. 
  • That human woman was brilliant. He wanted to see what she could accomplish. 
  • And so the Project ended up at Lantessama Isle, doing her own research. Looking into seamless ways that maybe the Vella Crean’s council could connect with the Laedrys and her people. Flatscreen holographic displays didn’t seem… quite beautiful enough. So Captcha spent her days researching and interviewing various people to see what the ‘norms’ were in this world, and sometimes, spent her time visiting with the Court dragonriders. 
  • It was entirely by accident that she was here standing for a clutch. Most Projects after all, seemed to have the IT factor to bond with a dragon (many believed it was just Shy’s way of collecting genetic samples in a natural way). Captcha didn’t think it would be bad idea, so she stayed, watching the eggs harden on the sands.
  • Maybe there would be a bond in there for her. Maybe not. She liked it here, and so she was going to stay a little longer.