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Carwaris [ Lavoi ]

Name Carwaris Carey
Age 30
Appearance Tall and statuesque with brown skin, he has an unreliable feel about him. He has brown eyes, and elbow-length, straight, black hair.
Personality Needs personal space, possessive, honorable, rebellious and aloof.
Ability Shapeshifter (Giant River Otter)
NPC Created by Bug from the Refugium

Name: Lavoi
Gender: Male
Species: 1/2 Water Glenn Dragon, 1/2 Kelp Dragon
Adult Height: 11′ at shoulder
Color: Mottled Green and Silver
Abilities: telepathy, teleportation, water manipulation, water blast breath
Personality: Lavoi is bold and outspoken. He tactful enough to withhold his opinion when he knows it’ll do more harm than good, but generally he’s not afraid to be heard. He shares his bond’s sense of honor and rebellion, but is far more sociable. Lavoi has a tendency to be bossy, even controlling, and can step on people without realizing it. He’s an intelligent young dragon that’s willing to admit when he’s wrong and learn from his mistakes.
Bond: Carwaris

Taken from the hatching

:: Excuse me, excuse me :: muttered a dark mottled green kelp-glenn, pushing his way through the onlooking candidates. Most people politely stepped out of his path and he made no bother to shove past those who weren’t paying attention. :: I’ve got a bond to find, people! ::

He spotted just who he was looking for examining a patch of salt-water lilies spooling out onto the beach. Carwaris, the otter-shifter, had been equally distracted by all the novel organisms. He perked up as he heard the sound of feet scrambling toward him.

:: There you are! :: shouted the hatchling :: I’m Lavoi and you’re just who I was searching for. ::

Where are they now?

  • Carwaris Carey and Lavoi have since moved on to the Dome. Venis sees in the young Lavoi a very promising diplomat who might be able to help the Dome establish relations with other aquatic domains, and has decided to taken both the dragon and the river otter under her wing.
  • When they are not training and learning diplomacy, Carwaris can be found carefully tending to young coral gardens.