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Echo [ The Negator ]

Bai Lu
Name Echo
Age Young
Appearance Echo is very well put together. She has pale skin, long silky dark hair and bright dark eyes that regularly shifts to molten gold. She loves bright colors and flowy materials, and can often be found trying to coordinate Kip’s outfits to match her own.

She has dark flashing eyebrows and lips that are always carefully painted. Echo loves makeup and sparkles and glitter and all the other unusual adornments people seem to like to wear and decorate themselves with. Sometimes the results clash and sear eyeballs, but more recently, Ari and Monique have taken her under their wing to ensure she is not a fashion icon of doom.
Personality Echo is inquisitive, curious about the wall, and frequently likes to ask questions- later. Of the mind that it is better to seek forgiveness rather than approval, she enjoys exploring and poking and prodding new discovers.

With her talents, she is not quite the best project to have wander aimlessly in the Labs.

Echo is almost always with Kip: it is very rarely to find her apart from her companion. She likes to speak for the both of them, and will often speak for Kip without checking first.
Ability Echo is belatedly created by Shy as a means to control Kip’s talents. She negates magic. Sometimes it is a passive ability that causes slight glitches in technology and minor spells, other times she uses is more actively to temper Kip’s lack of control.

It is particularly sensitive to the Labs, but can remain inactive in the face of foreign magic.
Standing at the Empyrean Stair

A small cluster of kits huddled together as if in discussion and whispers, though they were already communicating silently.  One would peek up from the group, look around, then duck back down, chirping and hissing at each other.

Then they broke formation, a little legiana leading, right over to Echo.  

~We want you.  ‘Zat okie?~

“All three of you?”  Echo blinked.

~Ye.~  The tobi-kadachi kit wiggled his fluffy tail.  ~We is family and now you is too.~

The mizutsune kit in the group nodded sagely in agreement.

Name: Choros [Dance]

Species: Tobi-Kadachi

Gender: Male

Coloration: Frostglow

Abilities: Telepathy, Concussive Roar, Overload, Venomous Bite, Thunderblight

Personality: Honest, Idealistic, Imaginative

Name: Ydor [Water]

Species: Mizutsune

Gender: Male

Coloration: Ivorymoss

Abilities: Telepathy, Concussive Roar, Water Jet, Bubble Spindrift, Waterblight

Personality: Elegant, Eloquent, Courteous

Name: Symvouli [Advice]

Species: Legiana

Gender: Female

Coloration: Royalfern

Abilities: Telepathy, Concussive Roar, Terrifying Scream, True Sight, Frost Armor, Iceblight

Personality: Sarcastic, RealisticBond:Echo