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Fenit [ The Elixir ]

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Aichetou Fall
Name Fenit
Age Young
Appearance Fenit is small boned and tiny. Usually tucked away behind Monique, hiding amongst the Pigeons or hatchlings, she is a quiet and almost invisible member of the Labs who is not quite recognized for her work or contribution.
She has dark skin and dark hair, large expressive eyes that are almost always molten gold. Her passive ability is always ‘on’ at the Vella Crean, and it is a very rare occasion that her eyes are their normal dark brown shade.
Normally dressed in clothing that is a little bit too large and cumbersome, if she is not settled amongst the Pigeons and hatchlings at the Labs, you can find her wandering the gardens aboveground in the city.
Protected and coddled, Fenit almost always has a raptor companion or two by her side.
Personality Fenit is shy and quiet, rarely given to words and usually using other telepaths to convey her words. ‘Nini’ speaks for his rider, and Fenit is more than happy to let the white dragon take charge. Skitterish, she is attracted to gardens and greenscape, and loves coddling a chubby hatchling or two.
Ability Fenit is known as the Elixir. She has a passive ability that has seeded itself throughout the city, and has slowed down the ravages of time on the mortal residents. Human riders have remained surprisingly spry, and while death by old age does continue to exist, most humans seem to have a lifespan of 2 centuries.
Standing at the Dragonhope

Fenit is a young and mysterious Project, created sometime before Ari and after Monique. She has remained at the Vella Crean during the Death Court wars, silently living amongst the dragonriders and the council.

She is quiet, able to speak but preferring to let Nini (Lupeneneth) speak for her.

She is most often found in the gardens of the Vella Crean; during the wars, she nestled in the greenhouse amongst the native raptor inhabitants, safe from blue fire.

She has an odd gift, acknowledged by a few ranking projects but never really discussed outloud.

Humans age differently on the Vella Crean.

Riders in their 80s and 90s who should be too old to lead Wings and fight on dragonback continue to do so.

Men and women whose bones should be too brittle to fly and fight battles, who have physically been touched by time, continue to ask as if they are in their prime.

It is simply a fact accepted at the Vella Crean: something in the air or the water has slowed the aging process inhumans.

People are just unaware it is little and quiet Fenit who causes this.

Male White Lupeneneth